The March for Science is TODAY! You better be reading this while packing up and getting ready to head down to Pershing Square to enjoy all of the amazing stuff we have planned.

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los angeles, ca | april 14, 2018

Join us on April 14, 2018 for the next March for Science.

For information about March for Science LA 2018 please visit us at the Los Angeles Alliance for Science,

On April 22, 2017, over 50,000 Angelenos gathered in Pershing Square to celebrate the March for Science. It was an all-species event, with supporters of science both young, old and four-legged showing up to support the role of science in both our community and country at large. The crowd heard from speakers across different industries with one, clear refrain: we must value science, not silence. In the afternoon--despite 90 degree weather--thousands of participants enjoyed the science expo, where 25 exhibitors from academia, advocacy groups and educational programs had an opportunity to talk about their mission in our community.

About Us

Facts matter
Government that ignores science endangers the world. Legislative decisions must be informed by both constituent needs and evidence-based fact. Policy should reflect our best understanding of scientific issues, adhering to scientific consensus.

Science costs
Velcro, penicillin, CRISPR… When fundamental research is invested in, discovery and innovation follow. A robust commitment to public science funding is critically important.

Right to know
Scientific research findings must remain transparent; communicated without omission or alteration. The primary employers of scientists (the tax-paying public) should benefit from their investments.
Science is magic
A child’s scientific wonderment must be nurtured and a distinction between fact and opinion fostered early on. A comprehensive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education equips the budding generation with the ability to problem solve, evaluate evidence, and separate misinformation from fact.

Knowledge is power
Scientific literacy is essential to informed decision-making. Bolstering science outreach and communication benefits public and environmental health.
Giving voice
The open exchange of ideas and the freedom of thought and expression are central to the aims and goals of the March for Science Los Angeles. Diversity fosters a richer understanding of science and its impact throughout the world. It is our duty to give voice to marginalized and underrepresented populations and to champion their equal access to science.

Civic duty
Science does not operate in a vacuum. Scientific progress does not necessarily equate to societal progress and equity. The responsible application of scientific findings must be ensured through thoughtful regulation and oversight.
We are one family
The diversity of life is what makes the Earth such a fascinating place to live. The ways by which species diverged from one another are beautiful processes to observe, test, and better understand. We seek to help the general public better appreciate what the theory of evolution is and the miraculous, biological processes we have discovered in studying it.
The Earth is our home
It is important that we understand the earth's many ecosystems and the role we play in preserving their lush diversity. We seek to decrease negative human impact on the environment through a better understanding of – and increased investment in – sustainability measures by the general public.
Lives are at stake
Vaccinations ushered preventative medicine into our society. The value of fatal disease eradication is extraordinary. We seek to increase public knowledge of the safety and efficacy of vaccines to maintain our inoculation and the protection of children, elderly, and other immunocompromised individuals from preventable diseases.

2017 March for Science

Date: April 22, 2017
Location: Pershing Square Park
Time: 9AM - 4PM

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