The March for Science is TODAY! You better be reading this while packing up and getting ready to head down to Pershing Square to enjoy all of the amazing stuff we have planned.

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Volunteer Team

Alex Bradley
Lead Organizer / Communications Director
Jennifer Wheeler
Organizer / Program Director
Philip Wheeler
Organizer / Outreach Director
Emiliana Guereca
Logistics Coordinator
Rebecca Fuoco
Director of Media Relations
Dan Leibson
Director of Marketing and Design
Andrea Hadjikyriacou
Social Media Coordinator
Sarah Duffy
Director of Partnerships
Heidy Contreras
Diversity and Inclusivity Director
Rebekah Lauzon
Science Expo Coordinator
Alex Chu
Digital Media Director
Jessica Hirshon
Science Expo Coordinator
Andrea Vogel
Volunteer Coordinator
Kris Tibor
Lead Graphic Designer
Altair Padilla
Graphic Design Manager
Blake Levy
Stage and Production Manager
Chandrima Chatterjee
Instagram Content Manager
Eugenia Lin
Facebook Content Manager
Zach Vasquez
Off-site Events Liaison
Nelson Abalos Jr
Web Design Consultant
Christina Phelps
Policy Liaison
Raymond Muro
Legal Counsel
Amy Hee Kim
Partner Liaison
Chloe Remigio
Logistics Preparation Officer
Sandra Hwang
Materials Officer
Elysha Nygaard
Volunteer Coordinator
Bailey Franklin
Director of Advertising
Calvin Williams
Accounting Manager
Karen Cheung
Lead Web Developer
Shay Mehr
Web Design Assistant

2017 March for Science

Date: April 22, 2017
Location: Pershing Square Park
Time: 9AM - 4PM

March with us

Thank you to all of our 2017 March for Science partners!

Spread the word

Use the power of social media to educate other humans about science and how it directly affects everyone.