How to Live a Simple Life and Be Happy

how to live a simple life and be happy

Determining a lifestyle is a difficult choice. Especially if you choose to live life with a simple concept. Actually, what is the meaning of that simple life? How to live a simple life and be happy? It’s not easy to start a simple life. Need to be consistent and not often persuaded by luxury. Even … Read more

Hard Work vs Smart Work

hard work vs smart work

Hard work is an activity or effort that is carried out with sincerity to face all problems in solving something. A successful career is a dream for workers, so you should know the meaning of hard work and examples. To get success is not as easy as students and workers imagine, they do various ways … Read more

Psychology of Trust Issues

psychology of trust issues

The psychology of trust issues is a condition in which a person cannot put his trust in other people. So sufferers find it difficult to build trust in the people around them, such as family, friends, and girlfriends. Well, readers should know a lot of information related to this crisis. Definition of Trust Issues A … Read more

Negative Impact of Technology on Society

negative impact of technology on society

The negative impact of technology on society is quite a lot. Likewise, there are many advantages that can help ease human work. Actually, it all depends on each individual. Can you take advantage of this technology or will it make you complacent? Humans as perfect beings are given the advantage by God to be able … Read more

Teaching Fairness in The Classroom

teaching fairness in the classroom

In addition to polite behavior, in the school environment, what is called fairness must also be applied, not even just to students, but also to teachers. Therefore, this time we will discuss examples of teaching fairness in the classroom. That way it will be easy to practice. Because after all in the school environment sometimes … Read more

School Rules for Students

school rules for students

It is common for every place to have its own rules or regulations. For example, there are rules at school or in the office. The examples of school rules for students are the most common things in the school area and should exist. Why School Rules for Students are Created An example of school rules … Read more

Technology Equipment For The Classroom

technology equipment for the classroom

The demand for technology in education is getting higher. This is done to make learning easier. There are many kinds of technology equipment for the classroom, depending on the school that completes the learning needs. There are many tools needed for the learning system during the process. One of them is a technology that helps … Read more

What is Food Technology? Definition, Benefits of

food technology

Today there have been many emerging new technology, which it is also developing in the food sector which gave rise to a lot of food technology. This is in the spotlight because of the pros and cons. However, what is the benefits of food technology? Let’s look at the following review: What is Food Technology? … Read more

What is Data Manipulation? Definition, Process, Benefits of

data manipulation

Currently, data is often known as the most valuable treasure. This is because data works as a reference for activities. Well, an important stage in data processing is data manipulation. However, people misunderstand secrecy, because they do not know the meaning of data manipulation. What is Data Manipulation? The definition of data manipulation is a … Read more

Importance of Technology For Teachers

importance of technology for teachers

There is no doubt that technology is considered important for all circles. Teachers are among those who are quite helped by technology. Especially in supporting learning at school. The role of teachers as teaching staff in the digital era often uses technology to support learning. So here are 10 importance of technology for teachers: 1. … Read more