Alternative Energy Sources Examples

An example of the use of alternative energy is a step that is often used to replace other fuels so that they do not run out quickly. Alternative sources are obtained from the energy that is widely available in nature. So here is an alternative energy sources examples in everyday life. Come on, see more!

1. Solar Energy

This alternative is the main energy on earth. The sun never runs out even though it is used repeatedly. Many scientists create alternatives by utilizing the sun as a source. One of them is creating a power plant.

Power generation from the sun is often called PLTS. Solar power plants convert solar energy into electricity. The process is carried out by means of solar panels along with machines, mirrors, and towers.

2. Wind Energy

Apart from the sun, the wind is a renewable alternative. The wind is used as a source of energy for generating electricity. The process of converting energy is assisted by windmills. The wheel will rotate to produce electricity.

The way a wind power plant works is simple. The wind is channeled to the blades in the generator. The wind will turn into a source of electricity. The electricity is then distributed to the community.

3. Water

An example of the use of alternative energy is to use water sources that will not run out or continue to be renewable. Power plants that utilize hydropower are better known as PLTA.

To run it required reservoirs and windmills to convert to electrical energy. Windmill movement at moderate speed. After the energy change, electricity can be directly supplied to homes.

4. Geothermal

Geothermal heat can come from inside the earth’s surface. The core of the earth is a layer of rock that is very hot. For its utilization, geothermal heat is used for heating pumps. Then it is also used for heating, greenhouse plants, as well as for industrial purposes.

5. Sea waves

Villagers living on the sea coast can use water waves to generate electrical energy. This alternative innovation is known as tidal energy whose working method is assisted by ocean tides.

The conversion of energy into electricity is carried out by a generator. So the generator will get a pressure wave. When the surface of the wave rises, the surrounding air will be forced to enter.

6. Bio-fuel

This alternative fuel comes from plants and animals. For example, biodiesel is used to replace diesel. So the seed plants are processed to produce oil for diesel fuel.

If biodiesel comes from seed plants, the source of biogas is animal manure. The manure from the livestock will be reprocessed so that it can be used by humans for vehicle fuel needs.

7. Piezoelectric

This alternative term may still be rarely heard by the public. This alternative converts mechanical energy into electrical power by utilizing the presence of pressure. The pressure will be channeled into electrical energy.

The use of piezoelectric can be found in Japan. So the piezoelectric device will be placed in the city center and take advantage of the traffic of residents. In this way, electrical energy can be generated.

8. Ethanol

This energy comes from the fermentation process in corn or wheat plants. The results of this energy will later be used as vehicle fuel which contains elements of alcohol.

The development of ethanol alternative energy is often found in Brazil to meet fuel needs. In Indonesia, ethanol production is carried out and used to convert it into electrical energy.

9. Biomass

One alternative energy known to the public is biomass. Biomass energy is produced from the process of photosynthesis. Examples of biomass can be plants, trees, or grasses.

In addition, alternative biomass energy can be in the form of agricultural waste, forests, and also livestock manure. Alternative biomass is also used by humans as an environmentally friendly and renewable fuel.

10. Hydrogen

If this one energy comes from the process of changing fossil fuels. Hydrogen energy has renewable properties, so it can be used continuously to meet human needs, one of which is as fuel.

So when fuel increases or becomes scarce, the use of hydrogen as an alternative can be the best choice. In addition, hydrogen also does not cause high pollution, so it is more environmentally friendly.

The current energy crisis is encouraging scientists to develop alternative energy. Actually, there are much alternative energy that has been found but can not be used. An example of using alternative energy is to prevent scarcity.

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