Bad Things About Internet

The use of the internet is causing problems in society. Whether it’s in terms of education, family, or personal affairs, the internet has a negative impact that is often not even realized. These invisible bad things about internet actually have a dangerous impact.

In fact, some people make this effect a habit by accident. Therefore, these effects must be changed immediately so as not to give more negative effects on someone. Here are 10 types of bad things about internet that are not visible from the internet.

1. Lack of Direct Communication with People Around

Many people are now too busy browsing the internet. Even now opening the internet can be easier by using a cell phone that is always carried anywhere and anytime. Because often opening this cell phone causes someone to ignore the people around them.

It can be concluded that someone who is too busy with cell phones, social media, and surfing the internet, will rarely communicate with people around them and communicate more often with online friends.

2. Unconsciously Reduced Creativity

The Internet provides an infinite variety of reference sources. This has a negative impact on the use of the internet which affects the decline of one’s creativity. How not, the existence of many sources makes someone not think creatively but only imitate reference sources from google.

3. Cyberbullying

If bullying generally occurs in schools verbally and in actions and occurs in the community in the form of ostracism, at this time bullying can occur without being noticed by the perpetrators via the internet. Cyberbullying through online media occurs when someone makes fun of through comments.

In fact, the comments they make are more hurtful than outright ostracism. Indeed, this is often considered trivial because it is not visible. However, this behavior has a bad effect on the victim.

4. Time Becomes Wasted

In addition to these three bad effects, there is another negative impact of the internet that is often not realized, namely time wasted in vain. Some people may be so absorbed in social media, google, to watch YouTube that they forget that their time is wasted.

5. Reduced Attention And Start Ignoring Close People.

Being busy in cyberspace may make someone forget and don’t care about their real life anymore. Be comfortable and the happiness that is obtained in cyberspace may be more exciting which makes someone ignore the closest people such as family.

6. Widespread and Threatened Personal Security

The negative impact of the internet will also affect social media users in any form. Information, photos, personal data, and daily activities have become public consumption so privacy has been polluted and is known by many people.

This may not be felt in the present. However, the spread of this personal information can cause harm. Therefore, the wise use of social media and the internet is important for personal safety.

7. Experiencing Insomnia

Being busy in cyberspace, using the internet continuously, and using social media can cause a person to be too busy to feel sleepy. If it continues like this, then someone will get insomnia which can even be very disturbing.

This is one of the negative impacts of the internet that is often not even realized. The outbreak of insomnia if it is too long it will affect a person’s health. It can even cause fatal health problems.

8. Being Physically Inactive

Often busy with cellphones, social media, and other online activities make a person lazy or lazy to move. This lazy attitude of moving may often be taken for granted. In fact, laziness to move actually has a bad impact on one’s health.

9. Can’t be separated from Internet Opium

Many things can be searched and accessed online. Generally, things related to online and the internet are exciting so they can make a person addicted. Addiction to the internet can cause negative effects on the internet that accumulate and damage mental health.

10. Stuck in Fraud

Being active in cyberspace is not real. There is no guarantee of the correctness of the information obtained online or face-to-face. Therefore, not a few victims of fraud comes from the internet itself. Staying careful when using online networks is a must.

This is an explanation of the negative impact of the internet accompanied by detailed information. The virtual world turns out to be wider than the real world, but you still have to be careful when exploring it so as not to receive the impact.

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