Benefits of Integrating Technology in The Classroom

The pandemic brought considerable changes in people’s lives, especially in the use of technology. Schools also feel the benefits of integrating technology in the classroom, which initially only lasted during the pandemic. After entering the endemic period, the habit is increasingly felt useful.

By utilizing technology in the teaching and learning process, the teacher is not only a provider of material with conventional methods. The knowledge transfer process is presented through audio-visual media which is more interactive and attractive to students. This innovation has the following positive impacts:

1. Increasing Attention

It is not easy to keep students focused and paying attention during class hours. So that when teachers use video media as a learning medium, the benefits of integrating technology in the classroom will be felt.

Learning material delivered through videos usually makes students pay more attention. In addition to easy-to-digest material, students also focus on the material and enjoy the learning process. Thus, watching learning videos can be used as the best alternative to traditional teaching and learning activities.

2. Enabling Distance Learning

In the old perception, learning can only be done in a room with a teacher and several students. But apparently, the world is changing rapidly because of technology. Likewise the teaching and learning paradigm earlier.

Classes are currently not limited to rooms but also face-to-face virtual with video conferencing that can be followed from anywhere. This allows students and teachers to interact in a medium as if they were face-to-face.

3. Forming Collaboration

The benefit of integrating technology in the classroom, especially in the teaching and learning process is to form collaboration in the form of cloud storage. Each student can access the storage, allowing students to review work done in groups from a separate place.

Thus students are accustomed to collaborating and collaborating with other students or even teachers. These skills and habits will be useful when entering the world of work later.

4. Preparing Students for the Future

Changes in the teaching and learning process that are carried out virtually make students trained to deal with changes quickly. So that it is very beneficial to integrate technology in the classroom for students because students will get used to dealing with change.

This can familiarize students to be able to adjust quickly if they don’t want to be left behind. The ability to adapt is the key to student success when in the world of work.

5. Familiarize students to learn independently

The teaching and learning process carried out remotely will educate students to be more independent and think critically. Through learning videos delivered by the teacher, the teacher teaches students to understand the lesson in their own way. When the material presented is felt to be incomplete, students must look for other sources as needed.

6. Improve Knowledge Retention

The benefits of integrating technology in the classroom are felt when students are interested and actively involved in what they are learning. Submission of material in a different way will encourage students to be active is one important factor in increasing knowledge retention.

7. Improving the Learning Experience

The use of computers in the teaching and learning process will provide students with a different learning experience. The material delivered through videos and photos will make the teaching and learning process more exciting. So that the teaching materials used are not always in the form of books but also visuals.

8. Increasing the Efficiency of Study Hours

Utilizing an e-mail storage cloud will make it easier for teachers to manage assignments and subject matter given to students. So that learning time will be more efficient because students can access the material at any time. Teachers can also check assignments anywhere.

9. Helping Students with Special Needs

Technology will help students to increase their productivity because many tools have been created to help children with disabilities. For example, text-to-speech technology that can be used by children who have difficulty speaking. Others are devices that use Braille displays for the blind.

10. Improving Technological Skills

Only by improving self-ability, all existing technologies will provide benefits according to the purpose for which they were created. Therefore, both teachers and students must have the desire to increase their ability to use technology. Without it all, existing technology will only become an obstacle and useless.

Many have experienced the benefits of integrating technology in a classroom that may seem unfamiliar at first. Over time, everyone has gotten used to it and gets better at using it. In fact, it does not rule out the possibility to continue to grow.

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