Benefits of Interactive Learning

In learning activities, interactive media are often used as a tool to make it easier for teachers to teach subjects to students. With interactive media, students can understand the subjects presented evenly. This article will discuss examples of interactive learning media and their benefits.

In addition to the interactive system, this one media is indeed a favorite for some children. Moreover, if the media is packaged in the form of a funny and interactive game. Indirectly, children are not only entertained but also learn in one activity.

Examples of Interactive Learning Media

Currently, there are a variety of interactive media used in learning both in elementary and high schools. Because some media require a budget, not all institutions are able to provide all interactive media. The following are examples of interactive learning media that are easily accessible:

1. Computer Game

This interactive media is an effective digital learning media that students have always been waiting for. Not only presenting exciting games, but this media also teaches educational lessons. Computer educational game applications are also specification-friendly, so you don’t need a sophisticated computer to run them.

2. Video Interactive

Media in the form of video can stimulate children’s sense of sight. Video can also be used to describe an event or events so that the information is easy to understand. Examples of video media that are often used are educational tapes which have interactive options.

3. Audio Interactive

Besides video, there is audio that focuses on children’s sense of hearing. media Audio is more used to provide complete but concise lessons, and teachers can interact with students. media audio used, can be podcasts or audiobooks.

4. Educational Site

Apart from using computers for educational games, teachers can also invite students to visit educational sites. Learning through educational sites can also create a new and different atmosphere from learning the conventional way. Students can also receive lessons from various sources.

5. Learning App

In this modern era, there are several software or special learning applications available. Teachers can try to provide learning applications for students to study suitable subjects. However, the teacher must first make sure that all the students who participate have gadgets

Benefits of Interactive Learning Media

Basically, interactive learning media are not made just to take advantage of technology. In addition to its time-saving use, the subjects described can be discussed in more depth but is still fun. The following are some of the goals and benefits of interactive learning media:

1. Make Students More Interested in the Subjects

Sometimes, some subjects such as Mathematics can sound quite boring for some students. By using interactive media such as computer games, students will become interested in the subjects being taught. As a result, students will be more enthusiastic to learn the subjects at the next meeting.

2. Making the subjects Understandable Simultaneously

Not all students can hear the explanation from the teacher clearly. A teacher is also not necessarily able to teach all the subjects equally. Therefore, by using some examples of interactive media above, students can repeat the topic again if they still do not understand.

3. Saving Time and Energy

Knowing how busy school hours are, a teacher is required to be able to use teaching hours efficiently. By using interactive media, teachers can save unnecessary time and effort. Teachers can also reuse media for other classes.

4. Improving the Quality of the subjects Taught

In learning, quality is the most important thing that must be maintained at a level. Therefore, by using interactive media, teachers can increase the quality of the subjects taught to students. Students can also cross-check on several educational sites for the subjects they want to discuss.

5. Practical to Use Anytime

Interactive media in the form of educational applications can be used for students outside of school hours. subjects that were not discussed in school can be re-taught more broadly and evenly. Students who do not have time to attend due to illness or certain matters can also access the application easily.

Thus a discussion of examples of interactive learning media, as well as the benefits obtained. Interactive media can provide good benefits for students. However, the teacher must ensure that the lessons taught by the media must be of high quality and on target with the subjects being discussed.

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