Benefits of Online Learning

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many aspects had to undergo a shift and adaptation. Including the learning process at school, which becomes learning at home. The students who initially found it difficult to adapt turned out to get significant benefits online. There are many benefits of online learning in many aspects.

Utilizing advanced technology, online at home is called Distance Learning. Online learning method is quite beneficial for both students and teachers, as follows:

1. More Efficient Study Time

the benefit of online is that students have more effective and practical study time. This is because online makes students not glued to the material provided by the teacher. Students can re-study by using e-books or Google.

2. Learning Style Methods Become Flexible

If at school, students will get a learning method that must actively listen to the teacher and must follow the learning process, such as the teacher entering class, giving material, and done. Students must follow the static method and can potentially experience boredom.

However, if students and teachers learn online will be given the flexibility to set their own learning style methods. Provided that the learning material presented is re-studied and school assignments are done.

3. Learning Materials Are More Well Received

The benefit of online during the next covid-19 is that the material provided is more well-received and easy. This is because students have the opportunity to study the material first, because the material is already stored in the document. Materials can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

4. Delivery of School Materials Becomes More Creative

benefit online most significant in offline schools, students are only presented with the delivery of material by writing on the blackboard only. However, online students will be presented with various interesting videos.

In addition, another example is when the teacher also has to prepare material in the form of games or interesting quizzes. It can also aim that students are not easily bored and tired in following the teaching and learning process.

5. Students Become More Active

Distance Learning or PJJ makes students more active. Because when learning online, students are required to turn on the camera and audio features, which function so that the teacher can “fish” students to actively ask questions and take notes.

6. Study Schedule Becomes More Flexible

Online learning affects the student’s study schedule which becomes flexible. At school, students are only glued to study from 7 am to 2 pm. When learning online, students can study whenever they want. This can improve the ability to absorb the material well.

7. Contribution of Parents to Be More Active

benefit Another is the contribution of parents in assisting the child’s learning process. If at school, the teacher is fully responsible for the teaching and learning process.

Therefore, online makes parents and teachers synergize with each other in delivering material well. Students also become more aware of the material and more enthusiastic about the learning process.

8. Save on Expenditures for Snacks

This can certainly help save parents’ expenses because online only requires an internet quota. However, with the free internet quota from the government, parents do not need to pay for excessive snacks for their children.

9. Multitasking Becomes Honed

The ability to multitask of students and teachers is also a benefit of online that must be realized by both parties. For example, while studying Physics, students can simultaneously work on Math assignments at the same time. Because learning online is very easy for everything.

10. Technology Literacy

The last benefit is that teachers and students as well as parents can be more technology literate. Because technological developments are something that must be followed, the PJJ process is an opportunity for any party to hone their skills in operating laptops and cell phones.

That’s a list of 10 benefits of online that can actually improve the creative and innovative process of teaching and learning. It takes an adaptation that is uncomfortable at first, but if done well it will get very positive benefits for teachers, students, and parents.

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