Benefits of Social Media for Students

Social media has now become an important part of life. It is not only a means of communication, but also a means of entertainment, a source of income, and even to support the world of education. Sometimes the benefits of social media for students are doubted because it is said to make students lose focus on learning.

This assumption is not true, because many students and teachers are currently internet users. Especially during the pandemic, learning activities are carried out online and remotely. When reviewed, there are several benefits of social media for students as follows:

1. As a means of communication

One of the benefits of social media for students is as a means of communication. Good communication between students, teachers, and families. When students find it difficult to learn in class, internet social media helps students to communicate further so that learning can be absorbed better.

2. Supporting Online Learning Activities

Social media can be used by students and teachers in increasing the effectiveness of learning. That way, giving the material is not monotonous. Especially during the pandemic, which prohibits face-to-face activities so that learning activities are carried out online using social media teleconferences.

3. Can Increase Creativity

Social media can be used to improve skills and means of self-expression. Learning to use social media can also be used as a way to increase and stimulate student creativity.

4. Opportunities to Gain More Knowledge

With social media, students are helped in increasing their knowledge and academic achievement. An example of the benefits of social media for students is the internet which facilitates students in finding various information for solutions to their school assignments.

5. Independent Learning Facilities

Students who still do not understand the material when learning formally at school can improve their understanding with the help of the internet. The learning process can also be done independently without being accompanied by parents or teachers.

Many e-learning can be used as additional learning resources for free. Because on the internet, lesson resources are packaged in a simple way so that they are easy to understand. It can also open up opportunities for discussion between students and experienced teachers/mentors.

6. As Research Support

Social media can be used as research material, as well as a tool in research. For example, the use of online forms, the use of data available online, etc. In addition, other benefits students can also join various researchers as followers according to the research topic.

7. One of the Means of Globalization

Through social media, the interaction between students and various people in the world is possible. That way, students have extraordinary new experiences and knowledge. As long as students want to actively seek information because now information can be obtained easily.

One of the currents of globalization is about cultures from various worlds, such as languages, traditions, lifestyles, etc. In addition, it also allows students to get the opportunity to take courses from various schools throughout the country, some even for free because it is done online.

8. Becoming a Means of Advertising and Marketing

Usually, school/university activities are carried out on a regular basis. Social media acts as a means of promotion so that information on activities can be spread easily. In addition, physical and digital works of art can also be advertised through social media and are suitable as fundraising media.

9. Reading Interest and Literacy Increase

Currently, students’ interest in reading tends to decrease. Meanwhile, social media provides information that is mostly in written form. For example articles, eBooks, and news, thus requiring students to read them first. Therefore, it can help in increasing students’ reading interest.

10. Ease of Access to Information

Social media is also useful as research support because various information and research materials can be obtained free of charge. It’s a different case if you want to get information but are constrained by access. The solution is that students can try to join groups so that information can be obtained at any time.

Thus the discussion about some of the benefits of social media for students. Using social media must be wise so that it will have a positive impact. In the world of education, the benefits of helping students in the success of learning success. Also as an introduction to the history, and culture around the world.

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