Communication in Information Technology

Communication in information technology. The relationship between communication and information technology has a very close relationship. In an era that is developing very quickly, information dissemination can occur due to communication that is established through devices such as cell phones, social media, and so on. The existence of sophisticated technology makes communication devices more innovative.

What is Meant by Technology in The Field of Information and Communication?

Two things, namely communication technology and information technology, are concepts that are difficult to separate. Technology in the field of information can be said to be all things related to the process of creating and managing information. Meanwhile, Communication Technology is simply defined as the use of tools used when exchanging information.

Based on these two understandings, communication and information technology have a close relationship. Without communication technology, information will not be spread or sent as it should be. Likewise, information will switch devices due to the help of sophisticated technology.

The Importance of Communication and Information Technology

Human innovation in developing useful technology is never-ending. For example, the invention of computer technology, mobile phones, and the internet has drastically changed our way of life. What is the relationship between communication technology and information in other aspects of life?

1. Relation to the Business World

The development of communication technology greatly influences the process of exchanging information in the business world. Previously, business presentations could only be done in person, but now can be done online to get new business opportunities. This activity certainly involves communication technology devices such as cell phones or laptops.

2. Its Relation to Sociology

The dissemination of information among the public is often difficult to contain. The existence of communication technology devices such as cell phones and the internet makes it easy for people to spread and receive all kinds of information they want. This of course has both good and bad sides.

3. Its Relation to the World of Education

The link between communication technology and information in education is indicated by easier access to information about the world of schools. Now people can more easily find information about schools through websites on the internet.

The existence of video conferencing technology makes online learning activities possible. Information exchange can also be done through group chats on cell phones.

4. Relation to Government

Talking about communication and information technology, of course, one of them will target the government sector. Now the government is starting to be open to sharing information through the news on TV and social media. Thus the public can more quickly receive the information submitted.

5. Its Relationship with the World of Entertainment

Communication and information technology also has a close relationship in the world of entertainment. Social platforms such as Tik Tok, YouTube, or Instagram become a medium for entertainment business people to strengthen communication with their fans. They share information through social media which leads to the satisfaction of their fans.

6. Its Influence on Family Values

​​If in the past, sending news could only be done through letters that would only arrive for days, now imagine how quickly news can be heard by families via short messages on Whatsapp or SMS.

Communication technology has a very significant influence on the relationship between families. Of course, this is not a bad thing especially if you live far from each other.

7. Its Influence on the Industrial World

In the industrial world, technological change greatly supports the success of a company. One of them is in the field of communication and information. Offices with different locations between factories and head offices will rely heavily on communication technology so that any information can be conveyed quickly and accurately.

8. Its Relationship with the Legal World

The relationship between communication and information technology in the legal world can be seen in the open access for the public to know about the legal process of cases that are currently viral. This access is generally obtained from the media. The public’s curiosity will be answered through the information shared in the media.

9. Relationship with Management System

Communication technology also has a role in developing a good management system. With the latest communication technology tools, companies can monitor employee performance, monitor and reduce operational costs. With a sophisticated communication system, the company’s management is well organized.

10. Its Relationship with the Security System

The security sector is a field that cannot escape the influence of communication technology. The existence of communication devices will facilitate the transfer of information between security officers at all levels. You can imagine if a soldier failed to convey important information in the field due to problems with communication tools, it would be very dangerous.

After reviewing the relationship between communication and information technology, a common thread can be drawn between the two aspects. The two are closely related and interrelated. This connection can make life more colorful and easy to live, of course.

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