Advantages of Breaking Your Jobs Into Tasks

advantages of breaking your jobs into tasks

Too many complex jobs often leave us confused and don’t know where to start. Especially if you have to complete the job in a limited time. One way to solve this problem is to break the job into separate tasks. Breaking your job into tasks may sound like an extra workload, but it actually has … Read more

How Does Technology Affect Education Negatively

how does technology affect education negatively

Education is very important in our life. In the era of technology, education is also not spared from the effect of increasingly advanced technology. However, even though technology provides many benefits in education, it turns out there are some negative effects that we need to pay attention to. So how does technology affect education negatively? … Read more

Personal Achievements Examples For Students

personal achievements examples for students

Personal achievement is one indicator of a student’s success. Achievements obtained can give students a sense of pride and confidence. In addition, personal achievements can also help students develop their potential and talents. In this article, we’ll cover personal achievements examples for students that can serve as inspiration to you. 1. Become a Champion in … Read more

Examples of Goals in Life of A College Student

examples of goals in life of a college student

College students are the young generation who have a bright future. They have a lot of potential and opportunities to achieve their goals and expectations. In this case, the purpose of life is very important for students because it helps them to focus their energy and effort to achieve something they want. The following are … Read more

Good Habits for Students

good habits for students

Learning is one of the important things for students, especially for those who are currently pursuing formal education. However, it is not only studying that students have to do, but also having some good habits that can help them become better at studying. In this article, we will discuss about good habits for students that … Read more

Benefits of Blogging For Students

benefits of blogging for students

Blogging has now become an important part of the digital and technological world. Especially for students, having their own blog can provide many benefits both academically and personally. In this article, we will explain the benefits of blogging for students. 1. Expanding Insights and Knowledge Blogging helps students broaden their horizons and knowledge. By writing … Read more

Advantages of Social Media in Teaching and Learning

advantages of social media in teaching and learning

Social media is currently playing an important role in everyday life. Not only communicating and interacting with friends and family on social media also provides many advantages in the world of education. In the teaching and learning process, social media can help students and teachers improve the quality of learning. Here are some of the … Read more

Benefits of Interactive Learning

benefits of interactive learning

In learning activities, interactive media are often used as a tool to make it easier for teachers to teach subjects to students. With interactive media, students can understand the subjects presented evenly. This article will discuss examples of interactive learning media and their benefits. In addition to the interactive system, this one media is indeed … Read more

What is a Fiction Book

what is a fiction book

The number of books in circulation consists of many types. Even so, the types of books actually come from 2 categories of books, namely fiction, and non-fiction. However, do you know what is a fiction book? This article will briefly describe the two categories of books. There are fundamental differences between the two that should … Read more

Why We Should Learn English

why we should learn english

Why we should learn English? Developments in the era of globalization have had a considerable effect on various aspects, one of which is the use of English. The existence of globalization has an impact on the importance of English for the future. Of course, there are several things behind it. Signs of the rise of … Read more