Examples of Applied Technology

Applied energy may have been used in everyday life but without conscious awareness. Namely using but do not really understand that it is applied energy. Therefore, we will mention some examples of applied technology that readers can learn.

Understanding and Benefits of Applied Technology

The first discussion in this article is about the meaning or benefits that exist in applied technology. Applied technology itself is also often referred to by other names, namely appropriate technology or the initial meaning as intermediate technology.

Then it has another meaning to become an ideological movement. Or a term that is easier to use namely applied technology, is a movement concept that results from combining traditional technology and advanced technology. Applied technology is also often referred to as small-scale technology.

Usually, applied technology is considered as a work that is considered a more energy-efficient technology. As well as technology that can be adapted to the surrounding environment. So usually appropriate technology is an object made by a certain person or community.

Examples of Applied Technology

The conclusion that can be drawn is that applied technology is a technology that combines traditional technology with today’s technology. So that it will produce technology with the latest functions but with traditional forms. For more details, then you can see the description.

1. Lifestraw

An example of a question as an applied technology is a technology called lifestraw. Has a shape like a straw that serves to filter water or purify water. So the water that has been processed using lifestraw can be drunk directly.

2. Filter as a Water Filter

The second is an applied technology in the form of a filter that is useful as a water filter. This tool will be very well used in places that lack clean water. It can even accommodate rainwater that drips from the roof tiles into ready-to-drink water.

3. Vacuum Cleaner From Used Bottles

Applied energy can also be a vacuum cleaner made from used bottles. A vacuum cleaner from used bottles can certainly be used by anyone and is also more efficient. Because factory-made vacuum cleaners are very expensive.

4. Hydraulic Ram Pump

Next, there is still an example of applied technology, namely the age of the Hydraulic pump. The pump is a very functional tool for mountain communities. So, the pump will later help farmers suck water from the river to higher ground.

5. Machines for Spreading Fertilizers

The next example is applied technology in the form of machines for spreading fertilizers. With this applied energy, farmers will no longer have trouble when they are going to spread fertilizer, even with this tool, of course, it will save more time.

6. Water Pump With Bicycle

Applied energy is indeed more widely known or used in rural communities. The water pump that will move with the help of this bicycle pedal will later drain the water in the pipe that has been connected. Usually used to drain water into the fields.

7. Fan from Used Goods

Next is applied technology in the form of a fan made from used materials. The fan in question is like a fan made from used bottles. The fan does not require battery power as a driving force, so it is more environmentally friendly.

8. Tools for Treating Waste with the Help of Plants

There are still other tools that are also examples of applied technology, namely tools for treating waste with plants. Namely by making a solution for household waste. Then enter several types of plants can absorb the waste.

9. Tool for Peeling Soybean Skin

Thispeeler tool will later help or make it easier for those who want to make tempeh or tofu. With this tool, the workers will save more energy and time. As well as being able to help maintain the cleanliness of the tempe later.

10. Solar Lamp

A solar lamp is a lamp from solar power. This technology will certainly be very helpful for areas that do not yet get electricity. Because the lamp will automatically fill in data when exposed to sunlight.

These are some examples of applied technology that users need to know. Applied technology will be very helpful for people who are on the outskirts of the city or in remote areas. Applied technology is also able to help ease work at a more efficient cost.

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