Examples of Philosophy in Life as A Student

Sometimes in life, humans are required to think philosophically. It can also be said that humans must be able to think critically and get to the root of the problem. There are various examples of philosophy in life as a student that are often practiced. However, sometimes they are not aware of this and ignore it. Here are some examples of philosophical thinking in everyday life:

1. Critical Thinking

In accordance with the statement above, philosophical thinking means critical thinking. In dealing with a problem, usually will be responded to critically. For an example of its application, for example, there is an ant animal. The human brain will think about why there are ants, whether ants can speak, or can also think how many ants there are.

2. Radical Thinking

In thinking philosophy, sometimes there are those who can go radical. The meaning of radical here is to discuss a problem to the bottom. There are many examples of philosophy in everyday life in this regard. For example, when there are differences of opinion, of course, it must be discussed to the root of the problem. How to unite opinions without division.

3. Reflective Thinking

Humans are also sometimes required to be able to think reflectively. It can also be interpreted by looking at one’s own abilities. When you are faced with two difficult choices. Humans must consider it one by one, which is good and bad. In addition, it must also be adjusted to one’s own abilities. So, there are no obstacles in the middle of the road.

4. Think Logically

In life, you also have to think logically and rationally in order to get the right solution. If there is a problem that is beyond reason as much as possible it is still resolved logically. For example, if you are seriously ill, then don’t directly connect it with the occult. Instead, take it to the doctor first and find out the rational cause.

5. Act Coherently

To create a systematic and orderly life, humans must also act coherently. The meaning of coherence here is being able to act neatly and according to the sequence. So, life will not be messy and more orderly. For example, the schedule of activities for tomorrow should have been scheduled the previous day.

6. Act Consistently

Besides being able to act coherently, humans must also be consistent in doing something. Consistent, namely doing the same activity repeatedly in order to realize a goal. For example, a schedule has been made for tomorrow’s activities, so it must be carried out consistently. So, life becomes calmer, and also life becomes more systematic.

7. Conceptual Thinking

An example of philosophy in everyday life, namely being able to always think conceptually. So, what has been planned has been carefully thought out and has a future concept. For example, when you have decided to study a major. So, also think about how in the future it will be the best way or not.

8. Think Comprehensively

Humans in everyday life must also be able to think comprehensively or thoroughly. Don’t just think in the short term and don’t think about the future. When you have made a decision, think about the future impact. Whether it’s a bad impact or a good one, consider it thoroughly first.

9. Act Systematically

Humans who already live in an advanced civilization like this are expected to live systematically. So, everything has been in order for a long time. For example, students will take an exam. So, preparing for it can be started long before the exam is held. So, life does not become hasty and more orderly, of course.

10. Act Freely and Responsibly

Of course, as human beings, we are free to choose anything in our life, because we have the right to choose. However, this choice must be balanced with responsibility. Because, if you have chosen, you must be sure of the choice. Don’t leave this choice and be irresponsible.

So, those are various examples of philosophy in life as a student. As a reasonable human being, of course, you can use the philosophical concepts above. In order to be able to live more calmly, and orderly, and be able to live with logical thinking. Because nowadays there are many who only think shortly and do not use the philosophy above.

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