Examples of Respect in School

What are examples of respect in school? Friends at school are indeed a role that is needed by everyone to be able to interact and communicate. For this reason, people need to know examples of how to respect friends properly so that there is no hostility.  An example of respect in school is a form of effort made by each individual to treat friends well. In that case, this attitude of respect can be said as a form of one’s tolerance for other people who have a good relationship with him.

After knowing the meaning, then people should know examples of how to properly respect friends at school. In this regard, here are some examples of how to follow:

1. Listening while Talking

Often friends will talk about a variety of topics from jokes to serious or even about things that have never been imagined. Even so, each individual must still respect something that is being discussed.

This is because friends may experience a problem and find it difficult to overcome it. For this reason, as a good individual, you should listen carefully and if you can give the right advice.

2. Not discriminating against friends

It is well known that the State of Indonesia has various kinds of differences with their respective uniqueness. Therefore, as a good individual, you should not discriminate between friends who have differences.

In this way, a harmonious and peaceful friendship will be formed. Apart from that, stay friends by interacting and communicating according to your portion regardless of the difference.

3. Avoid Envy

Jealousy is indeed a social disease that every individual really needs to avoid. That’s because jealousy will certainly make friendships impure and will cause problems.

Therefore, people should also feel happy when they see friends who get joy. That way, a friendly relationship will be created that is far from words of enmity and hatred.

4. Forgive each other

In friendship, of course, there will be small pebbles that make the relationship a little tenuous. However, this of course should not be a reason for the creation of hostilities, but it is better to make the problem a strength.

This means that if someone makes a mistake, they should forgive each other and try not to do it again. That way, the friendship relationship can be stronger and have high trust.

5. Receive Opinions Well

People will of course have their own opinions which are the fruit of thoughts from their point of view. Therefore, in a friendship, it is also necessary to have an attitude to accept each other’s opinions well.

So, each individual should not underestimate the opinion of friends that will make him feel hurt. That way, friendships can be more harmonious and peaceful without unnecessary debates.

6. Advise each other

Behavior carried out by friends cannot always be controlled properly and can be detrimental to others. Therefore, as a good individual, you must always give advice when someone commits a bad act.

7. Understand Privacy Limitations

Each individual certainly has their own privacy, which not all of them can know. Therefore, one must also remember to always understand the boundaries regarding the privacy of friends.

8. Never Arrogant

Arrogance or showing off is also something that must be avoided in friendship. This is because this arrogant attitude will actually make friends feel insecure about something you can’t have.

9. Speak Politely

The thing that is very often done in friendship is communication. For this reason, in this case, one must be able to maintain vocabulary politely in front of friends. That way, no friends will feel hurt.

Thus a review regarding understanding and also examples of how to respect friends properly which you really need to know. From this information, each individual can finally maintain his friends so that it is always intact.

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