Examples of Synchronous Communication

Actually, the application of examples of synchronous communication has been carried out since the development of information technology in various forms of media. It’s just that not everyone is sensitive or aware of it, only after the pandemic, which has not ended, that awareness emerged. Just say it-learning is currently increasingly encouraged in schools and colleges.

The reason for using synchronous-type communication is because of the ease of remote access that allows information to be conveyed. Then the question arises, what are examples of synchronous communication that can be found in everyday social life? In order to find the answer, please refer to the brief description below:

1. Yahoo Messenger

An example of synchronous communication whose presence can never be simply forgotten is Yahoo Messenger. Where software applies the basis of chatting and video online for sending and receiving messages between two people. Features provided software This can support uses such as service rooms, webcam hosting, text message services, etc.

2. Windows Live Messenger (MSN)

The second example that users can use is Windows Live Messenger (MSN), which is almost similar to Yahoo Messenger. The developer which continues to develop MSN now offers advanced features without boring users. The reason for this is because of the game support provided by the software.

3. Oovoo

Maybe this software sounds strange to people, however, developers provide video facilities call to users who want to communicate. If the person you want to contact doesn’t have Oovoo yet, by sending a link, you can immediately enter to communicate together. One of the features provided, high-quality image resolution makes Oovoo a pity to miss.

4. Skype

Synchronous-based communication with video continues on the software Skype which can be used for remote needs. The premium version of Skype allows users to use the special features offered by Skype developers. Not only that, in this tool there is a screen recording service and games which are located in the Extras menu.

5. WhatsApp

Communication-based services online this one has been used very often by many people in the 21st century. The reason is because of the various features that WhatsApp has and continues to experience development including. Like chatting, online calls, file transfers, video calls, exchanging photos, etc.

6. Zoom Clouds Meeting

Software This teleconference is arguably one of the advancements of human civilization in terms of communication technology. Free use of via allows one hundred people to meet while premium one thousand people for 30 hours. The pandemic has made Zoom even more desirable, from work and distance learning to other social needs.

7. Instagram

Software communication which is included in this type of social service has been downloaded quite a lot by millions of users. In Instagram, there are features starting from sending short messages and sharing photos, and videos to filters that are “trending”. Instagram itself is now often used as a medium for business, education, health, and more intense relationships between individuals.

8. Twitter

Although Twitter is often known as a social media and online microblogging, users can also use it for personal communication activities. Where the current messaging can use 280 characters, it’s called Tweet or tweet. It’s just that this applies to account owners who have done official registration, not ordinary readers.

9. Facebook

Maybe now many people know Facebook by the name Meta, but its function is the same as an example of synchronous communication via chat. The tool also provides groups of people with the same hobbies, schools, colleges, and offices. This means that if you want to have a discussion it is much simpler and more practical.

10. Telegram

The latter messaging service can be accessed on devices such as Windows Phone, Windows, Android, iOS, OS X, and Ubuntu. In addition to sophisticated but simple messaging, Telegram provides video, audio, and file features in various forms. Of course, this makes users more interested in using it as a means of online communication.

Those are some examples of synchronous communication that most people often use in the midst of a pandemic as an alternative to fulfilling their daily activities. Hopefully, the description in the form of a short text above can help further understand related software synchronous communication support.

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