Examples of Technology in The Classroom

The emergence of technology in education is undeniable to have an impact. This is able to change the dynamics of teacher and student learning. There are many examples of technology in the classroom that are sufficiently developed so that they are more varied. The existence of this technology is increasingly interesting in the teaching and learning process. Well, here are some examples of technology in the classroom:

1. Gamification

The application of technology which has become one of the trends in the world of education is gamification. gamification will make learning more exciting and fun. This is because gamification is learning while playing with technology.

Its application is quite effective in being able to focus students’ attention because it is quite interesting. That way, students will understand more about the material presented. The game element in learning will also increase students’ curiosity and fast learning.

2. Video-Based Learning

Technological developments have made many people more interested in video. Related to education, the use of video as one of the teaching methods is also quite effective in the classroom.

Video-based learning will make learning more interesting. In addition, it will also make it easier for students to understand the material. The display of the video can be the center of students’ attention when studying.

3. Blockchain

Technology will indeed continue to develop and will bring up new things. One example of new in-class technology is Blockchain. The use of this Blockchain will make it easier in exam management. Apart from that, it can also be used to verify certificates, student credentials, and more.

4. Internet of Things

The relationship between teachers and students is very important in learning. In utilizing technology in the classroom, schools can also use the internet of things, which will connect the devices of teachers, stakeholders, students, and others. Later, the existing data will be analyzed and can be used for development for students.

5. E-Learning

Today’s learning systems are indeed very diverse, as an example of technology in the classroom is by utilizing a device. The devices used are computers and internet networks. That way, in addition to students listening to the material given by the teacher in class, students can also access various additional information via the internet.

6. Blended Learning

As it is known that the current conditions have led to the emergence of various new learning methods. Where it is broadly utilizing existing technology. This, of course, can have a positive impact on students themselves. For example, using blended learning in learning.

The application of blended learning will mix face-to-face and online learning. In this case, learning can be done with existing technology. For example, meetings use a platform for conferences and online chats.

7. Digital Library

A library is very important. Where students will be able to gain a lot of knowledge by reading books there. Well, an example of technology in the classroom is using what is called a digital library. Students can get various reference books, journals, articles, and all kinds of online.

The application can be anywhere, even in class. Thus, students and teachers do not have to bother to come to the library. In addition, accessing it is also quite easy.

8. Computer Base

Using computers in learning is also included in applying technology in the classroom. Using a computer will make it easier to manage files, work, and more. Many have implemented it in learning methods such as CBT, CAI, ICT, CBI, and others.

9. Artificial Intelligence

Data analysis is indeed an important moment that can be done by using artificial intelligence. For its application in education, teachers can develop a program specifically for students. This can be adjusted according to the abilities of the students. In addition also able to manage tasks and various things related to learning.

10. Cloud Computing

Data storage is very important, including in the world of education. The application of technology in the classroom also requires data storage that can use cloud computing. Where teachers and students can store all important data there. Then, it can be accessed again easily.

The application of technology has been widely used, there are many examples of technology in the classroom. Where, the technology will provide convenience, and sophistication and improve quality and quality. That way, education will not be left behind by the times and can compete positively.

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