Factors That Affect Needs

Every human being has needs. There are various factors that affect needs, so they differ from one another. Efforts to fulfill needs are carried out with the aim of achieving physical and spiritual satisfaction.

If most of his needs can be met, it can be said that the person’s life is prosperous. Prosperous does not mean mere wealth, but the fulfillment of human needs to function properly. The following are the factors that influence human needs:

1. Economic and Social Factors

This is the main factor that contributes to a person’s needs. The point is, all people with high economic status certainly have different needs than those with lower status. For example, people with an adequate economy prioritize brands, but this is not the case for those with weak economic conditions.

2. The Trust Factor

Religion or belief is a factor that influences human needs. Through religion, a person adapts to certain needs that are more specific. An example can be seen in the high demand for Muslim clothing during the fasting month. Likewise on the holidays of other religions with different attributes.

3. Factors of Natural Conditions

Humans adjust their needs according to the natural conditions in which they live, so they can vary. For example, people who live in cold climates like Europe, of course, need thick warm clothes. Meanwhile, tropical people are looking for thin clothes because of the hot weather.

4. Age factor

Factors that affect a person’s needs are also related to age. The needs of someone who is in the phase of a child, teenager, the elderly are all different. There are certain characteristic differences in each phase. For example, kindergarten children need toys more, meanwhile, many teenagers want smartphones.

5. Educational Factors

Education also plays a role as a factor influencing needs. As a person’s level of education increases, their needs also increase in complexity. For example, kindergarten students need learning support equipment such as colored pencils, glue, scissors, pencils, and others.

Unlike the case at the university level. Students have more diverse needs. For example, the cost of living in a boarding house, a laptop that functions in carrying out assignments, lectures, and so on.

6. Gender factor

Humans are born with a nature that is attached to them from birth, namely male or female. The needs of the two are different. For example, women may experience menstruation so they need additional items.

Women also tend to need more make-up, skincare, and a variety of clothes. This is of course related to habits and tastes that can be different for each person. However, gender differences relate to the types of societal needs.

7. Favorite and Hobby Factor

Interests and hobbies are examples of factors that affect needs. The types of hobbies are very diverse, so they affect what is needed by a person. The more hobbies that are occupied, the more needs will increase.

For example, someone who likes to paint requires paint, a brush, and canvas. Meanwhile, those who like games need a laptop, adequate internet connection, and a gaming chair to play comfortably.

8. Professional Factors

Differences in work/profession also contribute to differences in human needs. All have their own characteristics, so their needs also vary. For example, doctors need a stethoscope to hear a patient’s heartbeat clearly.

Meanwhile, kindergarten teachers need equipment to make various learning media. For example, folding paper, glue, colored cardboard, scissors, and the like. Even in the same office, the needs of different divisions can be different.

9. Civilization Factor

Civilization can be a factor influencing needs because it is related to the development of quality of life. Take for example in prehistoric times, the need was still limited. Humans need tools to hunt and find food or clothes to warm themselves.

Meanwhile, in an advanced era like now, people don’t only need food and clothing. But also electronic devices, quality books, vehicles, and so on. In addition to facilitating activities, it also enriches the body of knowledge to live a good life.

10. Customs factors

Customs are derived from tradition, where all people have it. Tradition has an impact on one’s behavior and life goals. So, the needs will be different.
Thus a review of what are the factors that influence human needs. It can be concluded that there are many aspects that influence a person’s needs. Even within the same family can have different needs. Humans need to be independent in order to meet their various needs.

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