Hard Work vs Smart Work

Hard work is an activity or effort that is carried out with sincerity to face all problems in solving something. A successful career is a dream for workers, so you should know the meaning of hard work and examples.

To get success is not as easy as students and workers imagine, they do various ways to achieve it. With so much effort and time that has been sacrificed, of course, you will be happy if it produces good results.

Definition of Hardwork

The definition of hard work and the examples mentioned above are general meanings. There are also various opinions of experts which can be concluded into a general understanding that is widely known by the public.

According to Mustari (2011), it is more or less the same as the notion of hard work which is generally understood. Whereas according to Elfindri and friends (2012), someone who does not easily give up is accompanied by a firm determination to achieve a goal.

Kesuma’s opinion (2011) explains that hard work is a consistent effort to complete tasks completely and without giving up. It can be concluded that hard work is completing challenges or efforts with persistence and sincerity that comes from oneself.

The meaning of hard work is certainly different for everyone and has its own meaning for each individual. This behavior can also be defined as one of the individual encouragement to do the job or task as well as possible.

Characteristics of Hard Work

In the Character Education book, it is stated that there are several characteristics that indicate the nature of hard work. Its characteristics are having high initiative and actively asking questions when facing difficulties. Never giving up must also be instilled in the nature of hard work.

Appreciating time is one of the characteristics that are easy to see in someone who puts in hard work. There are also other characteristics such as being diligent, having the motivation to develop, being able to set priorities, and being able to work well together.

Hard Work Priorities

The importance of this trait also influences the reasons why many people do it. The reasons that make hard work important are as follows:

  • Someone will try to show the best side in him and optimize all the potential that exists.
  • In order to change one’s destiny and way of life for the better than before.
  • There is an attitude of responsibility in every process.
  • Have a mature preparation for everything that deals with its success.
  • Does not need the help of others because it is fully independent.

Examples of Hard Work

Several expert opinions say that the characteristics of hard work can be known from the completion of tasks in accordance with the time allotted. Then mobilize all capabilities, looking for all kinds of solutions and arise and arise a sense of worry if the work is not finished.

Application Example

There are many examples that can be applied according to the place, for example, if you are in the office doing a predetermined job desk. Meanwhile, when he is at school he takes lessons seriously, when he is in the family environment he can help with homework.

Benefits of Hard Work

There are also benefits that will arise if you have carried out these activities consistently. In addition to understanding what hard work means and examples, of course, you must also know the benefits that will be obtained. An example is getting used to learning new things and being more independent and tough.

How To Do Hard Work

This behavior is not immediately formed, you have to get used to it first and have the determination so that enthusiasm does not fade easily. Before starting, of course, you have to determine in advance the plans and goals to be achieved.

After knowing and determining the desired vision and mission, proceed by imposing this behavior. The first step is indeed difficult, therefore forcing behavior is the initial impetus to get used to it.

Definition of Smart Work

You could say smart work has a higher level than hard work. Why is that, because it relies more on the mind and brain for decision-making. This action is considered more effective and efficient when implemented.

Advantages of Doing Hard Work And Smart Work

If these two behaviors are combined, it will certainly have a greater impact than working with one of them. The determination to complete work quickly according to schedule and utilize technology and other sources so that time is not wasted.

The existence of the notion of hard work and this example is useful for students and workers to get encouragement and motivation to be even better. Adjust to the environment and the potential that is owned in order to get a more optimal way.

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