How Teachers Use Technology in The Classroom

Utilizing technology as learning in the classroom, of course, will be able to support education. The implementation of this cannot be separated from the presence of a teacher. Then, how do teachers use technology in the classroom well? The following are some examples on how teachers use technology in the classroom.

How Teachers Use Technology in The Classroom

Technology is something that can be a solution to existing problems. Technology also has aspects in special fields, for example in the field of educational technology.

The application of technology has a useful purpose for the future. Thus, the use of technology in the classroom can be done in a variety of ways. The following are examples:

1. Utilizing Technology Devices

A teacher certainly has a goal to educate his students, in order to become better people. The times also require teachers to be able to develop themselves in the teaching process in the classroom. In this case, the teacher must be able to use technology well.

How do teachers use technology in the classroom well? This can be done in several ways. For example, by using devices such as computers or laptops. The use of these devices used to explain a material can be via PowerPoint.

2. Making Video Tutorials

Being a teacher nowadays, it is required to have various skills. Especially in the field of technology, because this relates to the students being taught. With the development of the times, today’s students will prefer interesting new things, rather than old teaching which tends to be boring.

Well, for that the teacher’s way to answer these problems, can be by utilizing technology properly. For example, making a video tutorial, which will make students more interested in learning. In addition, the video can also be studied by students again at a later time easily.

3. Creating E-Learning

Today’s classrooms are not only in the form of a building. However, classrooms can also be created virtually. In this case, teachers can use technology to make learning online. Making e-learning can be done through the school’s web or simple e-learning.

4. Making Videos During Learning

Then, how do teachers use technology in the classroom well? You can make videos. This video, it is a video of the learning process in the classroom by the teacher. Furthermore, the video can be uploaded on the school’s website or on a platform that can be accessed by students at a later time.

5. Making Exercises and Discussing Problems

In class, apart from the material being taught, of course, there are various practice questions. However, it is not uncommon for students who still have difficulty understanding a material, so they cannot work on the questions. Well, for that the teacher can make videos about practice questions and their discussions.

Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom

The existence of technology in the world of education has various benefits. Of course, these benefits can be felt by the parties concerned. The following are some of these benefits:

1. Learning Motivation

Good use of technology by teachers in educating their students will make students motivated. Where students will be more interested in learning and enthusiastic. This is because the use of technology will be more varied.

2. Presentation of Information as Needed

Technology makes education wider. Of course, a teacher will find it easier to get material. By using technology in the classroom, you will be able to present information that suits your needs.

3. Unlimited Presentation of Information

Technology and information provide a lot of convenience in access. This can be useful so that teachers and students get extensive information and knowledge. Of course, it is used wisely.

4. Attractive Learning Presentation

There are many ways that can be done with technology for learning. For example, with power points, interesting videos, useful platforms, podcasts and more. These various applications will be more interesting in the presentation of material. In fact, students can also access it anytime easily.

Technology is indeed important for its existence in education. How teachers use technology in the classroom, of course, greatly affects their students. There are various ways that teachers can use technology in teaching. It also has various benefits that can be felt between students and teachers.

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