How Technology Has Changed Education Positively

Technology does have an important role in various sectors and its scope is wide. One of the impacts of technological advances is the effect on educational programs. How technology has changed education positively? Technological advances that can support educational programs have various types.

Of course, this has various benefits that can be taken. The following are some technological advances that can support education positively:

1. Video-Assisted Learning

There are various technological advances that are able to answer problems or problems that occur. As is known today, these technological developments and advancements have made it easier for various sectors.

One of them is in the field of education. Technological advances in education can be seen from the creation of video-assisted learning. In today’s conditions, using learning videos is certainly very important. Users will not be difficult for the learning process. As a result, it will facilitate the best educational program for the students.

2. Big Data

With the development of technology, it is certainly no stranger to big data, which is indeed very important. This also has an important influence in supporting a good educational program. Big data is a data set that has a large amount.

In relation to education, big data is used to collect various information from the devices used by students. The information, for example, learning skills, strengths and weaknesses of students, grades, and others. That way, big data becomes a technological advancement that can support better educational programs.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Technological developments also include artificial intelligence which has a role in supporting educational programs. In the application of AI in education, the existing system can personalize learning for each student. Using AI can also be used to create a learning profile in the implementation of better education programs.


Technology also creates a STEAM. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Arts, and Mathematics. Currently, there are many fields of education that use this STEAM approach. Of course, there are reasons, one of which is because STEAM it is considered capable of being able to answer challenges in the future.

5. E-Learning

As is well known, current conditions are changing. Almost everything has gone digital. Of course, it also affects education. Technology provides support supporting good education with E-learning. For that, there is an adequate device, as well as various applications and supporting platforms.

6. Machine Learning

A technological advancement that can support educational programs is certainly important. One of them uses machine learning where machine learning is actually part of artificial intelligence.

It’s just that, in machine learning, it refers more to hardware or software. The way machine learning works is to collect and explore.

7. Educational Television

Sharing innovations in technology makes more and more things able to answer problems in the field of education. As is the case, the development of technology on television can now be used for education in education. With the existence of television that displays educational programs, of course it can support educational programs.

8. Radio and Educational Podcasts

Technological developments have created a variety of services and devices that have turned out to be a means of supporting educational programs. In this case, it can also be seen from the radio which is used for educational facilities.

However, now listening to podcasts is also not only on the radio. Instead, there are several platforms that can be used to listen to educational things. There are also many contents available to choose from easily.

9. Blockchain

Utilizing Blockchain which is one of the technological advances that can support educational programs. The use of blockchain is for data storage in the world of education. Using the blockchain can support Education programs, which can enter data from material to grades.

10. Online Library

A library is indeed an important contribution to the world of education. Well, in this case, technology advances and creates a library that can be accessed online. Of course, this is very useful when someone will get a variety of quality information to support a good educational program.

A good education, of course, is very important in life. Of course, an educational program will be able to run with various supports and cooperation. In this case, technological advances contribute to running the best educational programs. This is done by the emergence of many useful technologies in education.

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