How to Improve The Creative Industry

How to improve the creative industry? The government is the main pillar in improving a country’s economy, especially in helping to improve the creative economy. Actually, there are many efforts to improve the creative economy that can be done by the government.

This effort is important to do. Because without support from the government, the creative economy will certainly be difficult to develop and progress. The following are various efforts that can be made by the government to improve creative economic conditions:

1. Facilitate New Product Creation

The creative economy can only work if there are indeed products to offer. Products from the creative economy include designs, graphics, and other forms of products. Someone may have the ability to make products for the creative economy.

However, not everyone has sufficient facilities to create new products. Here, is the role of the government as a facilitator. To give someone the opportunity to create a new product.

2. Provide Specific Skills Training

In making creative economy products, special abilities are needed. Like, the field of design and also the skills to make products. The government must be able to provide opportunities for the community to be able to acquire these special skills.

This special skills training can be a provision for someone to build a creative economy business. So, people who want to develop this business in this field can execute their ideas properly.

3. Providing Access to Technology

Efforts to improve the creative economy are closely related to the existence of advanced technology which is the medium for making and disseminating creative economy products. However, not everyone who has the ability and can make has access to this technology.

Therefore, the government can work on this, so that people can have access to existing technology. Thus, the creative economy can run without any technological barriers.

4. Prioritize the Art Aspect

The creative economy is synonymous with activities that demand creativity and art. Although in its development there is also a business aspect. However, this creative and artistic aspect must be prioritized because it is the main point in the creative economy.

5. Conducting an Analysis of Success Factors

The government is the party whose role is to create an economic climate, including a creative economy climate. Therefore, in its development, the government must carefully analyze the success factors in this field.

This is so that the investment and steps taken in the development of this field can be right on target. Given the huge potential possessed by the creative economy sector in Indonesia.

6. Attracting Investors in the Creative Economy Sector

The existence of investors is an important aspect of the development of the creative economy. Not all creative workers have access to attract investors. Therefore, the government needs to play an active role in bringing in new investors so they want to invest in this field.

7. Providing Legal Protection to Creative Economy Workers

Creative economy industry players are different from other forms of business. Sometimes workers in this field do not have clear legal protection. Because of this, many are hesitant to develop themselves in this field.

However, legal protection is the obligation of a state to its citizens. In the creative economy industry, this is really needed to maximize economic conditions in this field.

8. Organizing Training for the Creative Economy Industry

Not only providing initial training, but the government can also try to improve the creative economy industry by conducting regular training. That way, workers in this field will always upgrade their skills and be able to provide better quality products.

9. Making Industrial Development Plans

Planning for industrial development in the field of the creative economy is important to make so that the creative economy has a clear direction and directed development. In industrial development, the government’s role is not enough, but the active private sector is also needed.

10. Properly Provide Incentives to Business Actors

The provision of this incentive has the aim of showing that work in the creative economy is a field that deserves to be run consistently. In addition, the provision of this incentive can make it easier for business actors to develop their creative businesses.

Those are various efforts to improve the creative economy that can be done by the government. Without the government’s activeness, the creative economy sector in Indonesia will, of course, experience difficulties in developing.

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