Impacts of Technology in Our Daily Life

The positive and negative impacts of technology in our daily life are of course various. Digitization was created to provide convenience for humans in various fields. But in reality, technology also has a bad impact on humans. So, it is necessary to know what the impacts arising from the development of technology.

The impacts that arise as a result of these technological developments must be addressed wisely. As humans who live in the modern era, technological developments are inevitable, so it is impossible to close yourself off. Then, what are the impacts of technological developments?

Positive Impact of Technology

Technological advances in this era have made life easier. Not only in the economic field, technology also facilitates the education system, health, and others. It is undeniable that technology has a positive impact on society, including:

1. Facilitating Education

In the field of education, technology plays an important role in changing the learning system that used to be conventional. The learning system that previously tended to be monotonous has now changed with the role of technology as a supporter of learning media. Students will not get bored easily during the learning process.

2. Supporting Health

With advances in technology, access to health is also getting easier. In the health sector, the application of technology can be seen from the presence of smart cards containing patient medical records. In addition, technological advances also make it easier for doctors to diagnose patients’ diseases with the help of various imaging techniques, such as MRI, CT Scan, and others.

3. Facilitate Business

The positive and negative impacts of technology on human life also exist in the business sector. In ancient times, humans used to buy and sell in the market and meet directly with customers. With the development of technology, people are given the convenience of being able to shop from home.

Merchants can post their products on e-commerce so that they will reach more markets. Consumers can also directly choose products from home, thereby reducing transportation costs and time. With the advent of e-commerce, both parties transact without having to meet each other.

4. Connecting Different People

Technological advances are increasing rapidly making it easier for people to relate to each other. If previously it was difficult for someone to meet if they were far away, now distance is no longer an obstacle to communicating with each other. With technology, people can communicate without boundaries.

5. Information Dissemination is Very Fast

The thing that is very striking from the development of technology is the rapid dissemination of information. Today any information can be obtained immediately in a very short time. The existence of the internet makes information accessible even in seconds.

Negative Impact of Technology

Like a coin with two sides, there is also another side to today’s technological advances. Although it has a myriad of positive impacts, technological advances also have a negative impact on society. What are the negative impacts of technological developments and advances? Check out the reviews:

1. Copyright Infringement

Behind the many benefits of technology in helping human life, it is inevitable that sophistication also brings bad effects. One of them is the rise of cases of copyright infringement. Copyright infringement allows people to resell something or goods without permission.

Copyright violations that often occur are cases of film piracy, work plagiarism, unauthorized copying, to content plagiarism. The rise of copyright infringement will certainly be very detrimental to the creators of his work. Therefore, a law was made to deal with copyright.

2. Emerging Cyber ​​Crime

The term cybercrime is a crime committed online and involves a computer device. These individuals will later steal personal data and then sell it for profit. Therefore, users must be wise and careful when providing personal data.

3. Dirty Content, Fraud, Illegal Business

These three actions are certainly often heard because they are widespread. This is indeed the impact of advances in digital technology. The sophistication of digital technology is misused by elements to spread dirty videos, online fraud, and also acts of illegal business.

4. Cyberbullying

The existence of social media allows users to hide their identity behind the created account. This often results in cyberbullying of others. On social media, there is a lot of bullying happening to an account or person. Even though it seems trivial, bullying on social media can have a negative impact on its victims.

5. Spread of Malware

The spread of malware is one of the negative impacts of other technological developments. Malware can damage the computer and also the data on the computer. In fact, sometimes malware is also used to ask victims for money.

That is the impact that can be caused by the rapid development of technology in the current era. These positive and negative impacts will certainly have an impact on everyday life. The positive and negative impacts of technology on human life are unavoidable.

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