Impacts of Technology on Art

Art is an integral part of human life. There are many impacts of technology on Art. Examples of art that developed in the digital era as it is now are also increasing. With the rise of digitalization, art has a wider opportunity to be known. Many people are increasingly free to express themselves through art.

The existence of art has many functions in social life. As a form of beauty that comes from creativity human, art will always be there. The development of technology makes it easier for people to access various things, including receiving and making works of art. The digital era makes various types of art more exposed, for example, the following:

1. The Art of Music

Music is an art that is getting easier to access thanks to digitization. Starting from listening to music through the radio or CD player, then starting to be accessible via the internet. Downloading Mp3 and playing music on YouTube has become commonplace.

Now people can access thousands to millions of songs with a special music player application. By making monthly payments, users are free to search, download and listen to their favorite music.

2. Performing Arts

Performances are broad works of art, covering a variety of expressions and self-image as free human beings. There are several types of shows, for example, films, theater, TV series, and so on. If previously the show could only be watched in person by visiting the venue, now everything can be done online.

3. Art of Movement

An example of art developing in the next digital era is motion art. This type of art is closely related to dance, which relies on body movements to show beauty and creativity. Starting from flexibility, matching with melodies, and synchronization between one dancer and another, all describe art.

Today, the existence of technology makes the dance more affordable for enthusiasts. For example learning dance moves from YouTube, step by step and can be repeated until you can. Take traditional dance courses online, or create choreography and upload it to social media.

4. Literary Arts

Without exception, literature is also an example of art that is developing in the digital era. The world of literature, which was once synonymous with art which was difficult to understand, is now being accessed more and more by the public. Poetry, prose, novels, and other literature, all managed to get their loyal fans.

Now people can reach various literary works as reference material. For example, social media, analyzes and discusses literary works in a wide area, so that many people can get involved and explore this art. Even now, digital platforms allow people to create and publish their own literary works.

5. Drawing Art

In the past, drawing could only be done on paper, digital developments expanded this space. Now people can draw on gadget screens, with artificial pens like real drawing tools. With complete features, drawing activities can be more explored. It can even become a source of income, such as making online comics.

6. Fine Arts

Fine arts learning has been introduced since school days. Currently, fine art can also be done on a computer basis. Some examples of its application are multimedia and digital art.

7. Installation Art

Making installations for the theater through images taken from photographs and then turning them into objects for display or hanging, all armed with technology. Digitalization opens opportunities for people to enjoy and develop their artistic souls through varied installation patterns.

8. The Art of Graphic Design

Graphic design is an example of an art that developed in the most popular digital era. Currently, the ability to make multimedia designs is very useful for many things. Good for promoting products and services, explaining learning materials, to freer creative space.

9. The Art of Photography

Since ancient times, photography has played an important role in capturing important moments in human life. Currently photography can be enjoyed in digital form, for example, social media accounts specifically for photos that can be used as references.

10. Architectural Arts

Architecture requires special skills, therefore it cannot be done by just anyone. However, armed with the rapid advancement of the digital era, the creation of architectural designs to the depiction of the finished results can be done more quickly. This is certainly more efficient in terms of time and cost.

Thus the discussion of various examples of art that developed in the digital era. Technology plays a big role in many ways. Starting from the realm of education, and work, to the arts. The diversity of art forms is also increasingly visible with the help of technology as a forum that facilitates people’s creativity.

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