The Importance of Education For Children

A decent education is the right of each individual, ranging from children to youth, and adults. The importance of education for children will affect the formation of a better future and can help improve economic as well as social and cultural aspects.

Equitable distribution of education is an obligation of a country as a form of fulfillment of human rights. Here are 10 reasons why it is important to get an education for children, especially in disadvantaged and remote areas:

1. Getting a Fair and Equitable Education

The important role of education in a country will function optimally when education is available fairly and evenly throughout the region. Education is a basic right of a citizen, starting from birth to adulthood.

2. Eliminating the Burden of Social Disparities

The importance of education for children is the initial capital to resolve the burden of social inequality that occurs. Social inequality is a structural problem that can only be overcome with an adequate and equitable education.

Therefore, education plays a vital role in eliminating social and economic inequalities. It is the state’s obligation to provide proper education to remote areas without exception.

3. Creating a More Prosperous Country

The other important role of education is the creation of a more prosperous state. Easy access to education for children to adults will lead to a more orderly and educated society, which will affect the country’s overall situation.

4. Creating a Healthier Environment

A physically and psychologically healthy environment will be formed if the environment is filled by individuals who have a high level of education. The creation of a healthy environment will affect the formation of children’s mentality and become capital when growing up.

5. Preparing a Bright Future for Children

The importance of education for children is the creation of a bright future if their educational needs are fulfilled. Children will continue to develop and learn to gain useful knowledge to achieve their goals and desires.

Adequate educational facilities created by parents and the state are the rights of children and every individual while he is still alive. Therefore, preparing for education from an early age is an obligation that must be given to children.

6. Improving Children’s Potential and Cognitive Ability

Education has an effect on children’s cognitive abilities and potential. Therefore, it is recommended that parents provide education from an early age, even while still in the womb. Of course, it must also be balanced with the support of a healthy lifestyle, both psychologically and physically.

7. Reducing the Crime Rate in the Inland Areas

The equitable distribution of education in all regions and across the country will have a major impact on the welfare of its people. The importance of education for rural children is to reduce the level of crime that often occurs in rural areas.

This is evident because the higher the level of education in disadvantaged areas, the higher the level of economy and knowledge of the community. That way, all crime, and economic inequality can be reduced and the standard of living is better.

8. Forming More Qualified Human Resources

The positive and important impact that can be obtained from education from an early age is the formation of quality human resources (HR) who are ready to face the challenges of the times. Education will provide facilities for each individual to be able to explore his interests, talents, and abilities.

A country that has a high level of quality human resources will become a country that is socially, culturally, and especially economically advanced. Therefore, education for children is very important because one of the reasons is to prepare the child to become a superior human resource.

9. Creating a More Modern and Open Mindset

The formation of an open and modern society is also the reason for the importance of education for children starting at an early age. A society that has a critical and open mindset can be created if access to education is distributed properly and equitably throughout Indonesia.

10. Maintaining Stability of Child and Family Life

An important reason for the last education is to create stability in life for the family or the child himself. Having a stable life is a right that must be achieved by all people. The external factor that can create this is by being an educated person.

Those are 10 reasons why education is important for children, especially children in disadvantaged and remote areas. The government’s obligation to provide equal rights to education for all Indonesians must always be improved and monitored. In order to create conditions for a prosperous and just state.

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