Importance of Electricity in Schools

The presence of electricity is very important for daily activities, including in the realm of education. There are many examples of the Importance of electricity in schools to support teaching and learning activities. Especially in an era where learning models are growing and making use of technology a lot.

Electrical energy often changes when it is used for various needs. This is in accordance with the law of the conservation of energy, meaning that all forms of energy can change. For example, electricity becomes heat, motion, and sound. The importance of electrical energy can also be seen from its use in the realm of education, which is as follows:

1. Information in Class

Lighting is the main aspect that must be considered in every school. With sufficient lighting, students will be helped to understand learning effectively. If lighting is inadequate, it will certainly reduce interest in learning. For example, difficulty writing because the lights are dim.

2. Computer Use

The use of computers is very common in schools because it is included in the subject. Even since kindergarten, students have been introduced to the simple use of computers. This is where the utilization of electrical energy plays a major role.

With a large number of students, of course, the number of computers must be sufficient for the effectiveness of learning. So it requires a large electrical energy to operate.

3. Producing Sound from the Speaker

An example of using electrical energy in the next school is to produce sound from speakers. Currently, more and more schools are spreading important announcements through speakers in each class.

This can facilitate the delivery of information. Compared to telling one class at a time, having a speaker is more effective in explaining things. Everyone can hear it even if they are in different rooms, thanks to the help of electricity.

4. Activate Learning Support Tools

Examples of the use of electrical energy in schools are related to various tools that can support the learning process. It is undeniable that now the existence of electronic devices greatly supports the learning needs of students. If previously only needed an LCD, now the need is getting bigger.

For example, to set the music that is played when doing gymnastics together. Or a tool for practicing in drama class, even just charging a laptop. Especially for schools that require students to use laptops in class. Of course, the required power requirements are getting bigger.

5. Generate Movement

Electrical energy is also capable of producing movement in electronic devices, which have the function of carrying out activities at school. For example, in a fairly large room such as a hall or hall. Certainly requires more effective cooling than smaller classrooms.

This is where electricity can move things like fans, to large air conditioners. If the electricity is insufficient, the room will not be cold enough and will cause a very disturbing feeling of stifling heat.

6. Internet needs

Examples of the use of electrical energy in schools are inseparable from the needs of modern society, namely the Internet. Without the internet, it will be difficult for students to do various things such as doing assignments, and exams, or just looking for information.

Schools are required to be adequate learning facilities for students, one of which is by providing WiFi. The internet connection on the new WiFi can operate if it is supported by sufficient electrical energy.

7. Maintain Air Clarity

Since the pandemic, many schools have used electricity to provide air purifiers as air purifiers. With this tool, disease germs can be overcome so the risk of inhalation of the virus will be reduced. Besides that, it can also reduce harmful chemical gases in the air, so that the health of school occupants is better maintained.

8. Cleaning Dust

Examples of the use of electrical energy in schools are still related to cleanliness, namely tools for cleaning. For example, providing a vacuum cleaner that can clean dust in various places more quickly and cleanly. Because, often the dust is hidden in various places and makes breathing disturbed.

9. Cools the Room

The existence of AC is now more and more found in schools. The reason is, AC can make the air cooler so students and teachers don’t overheat. In hot conditions, it can be difficult to focus on the learning that is taking place.

10. Conduct Supervision

One tool that is increasingly being used in school areas is CCTV. Usually, CCTV is placed in classrooms, practice places, and so on. This is important for maintaining security relating to all school residents. In anticipation, CCTV can be a practical tool for surveillance.

That was a review of examples of the use of electrical energy in schools. It can be seen that the existence of electricity is very important. You can imagine if the electricity goes out, most human activities will be disrupted. Therefore, the use of electricity wisely needs attention.

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