Importance of English Language in Education

No one can guess what the condition of 5 years will be like forward. The reason is, now finding a job is very difficult. This is due to the rise of foreign workers working in many countries. For that reason, it is mandatory to understand the importance of English in education in order to be able to compete.

It seems that nowadays English has become an important aspect of education. How not, almost all jobs force employees to understand English. Then what are the benefits of learning English? The following is an explanation that the younger generation must know.

1. Ease of Getting a Decent Job

The main purpose of education is to provide knowledge so as to be able to get a decent job. In fact, nowadays, apart from having broad knowledge, a worker is also required to have the ability to speak English. Therefore, the younger generation must learn English in their education.

2. As Provisions for Continuing Education Abroad

Even though in Indonesia there are already many schools and universities that have international equivalent quality. In fact, studying abroad is still a dream for some of the younger generation. Therefore, learning English in the educational process is very important.

3. Convenience In Interacting With Foreigners

As you already know, English is an international language. This means that to communicate with other people who have different languages, you can use this one language as a connecting tool in interacting.

4. Can Easily Understand Technology

It is common knowledge that today’s technology uses a lot of English in its operation. Even the manual on how to use it does not use English in its explanation. Therefore the importance of English in education is so that the younger generation is not left behind by technology.

5. As a provision to be accepted in the eyes of the world easily

It is undeniable how smart and how talented someone is, they will often be looked down upon if they do not master English. That is a common thing because most outsiders often look at the race and background of someone they are going to hang out with or work with.

6. Can Easily Understand World Economic Conditions

The current world economic conditions are influenced by two countries, namely China and America. Therefore, by learning English in education, it will be easier for the younger generation to understand world economic conditions. Because both countries speak English.

7. As a Guide to Follow the Development of the Times

The reason for the importance of English in further education is that it makes it easier for the younger generation to be able to keep up with the times. It is undeniable that the development of the times is very much in line with developed countries that do use English as their language.

Therefore, to be able to keep up with the times that are increasingly racing, the younger generation is obliged to learn English. Because studying it will make it easier to follow news from countries that are used as guidelines for the times.

8. Convenience in Learning New Knowledge

There are not a few books or articles on the internet that use English in their delivery. Even though the content of the book or article is very useful and good. Therefore, by learning English, the younger generation will be able to get knowledge from anywhere.

Because English is indeed a global language. So it is not surprising that many good books and articles are written in English. It certainly aims to attract more readers.

9. Can Easily Conquer the Internet

In this day and age, the internet is very important in life. How not, by using the internet one can find new insights and communicate with each other even though they are very far away. But unfortunately, 60% more in the world of the internet use English.

Therefore, to be able to conquer the internet which incidentally is an important aspect of life today. The younger generation is obliged to learn English in their education.

10. Can Improve Owned Career

By learning English in education, the younger generation will later easily develop their careers. Because almost all occupational professions today require workers to have the ability to speak English.

That was the discussion about the importance of English in education. After learning, it turns out that this one language is important in determining the future. So the younger generation is obliged to study English seriously.

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