The Importance of Publication in Research

Since being at the school level, students have been introduced to research. The importance of publication in research can also make an important contribution to science. Basically, all research has benefits, both for the authors themselves and their readers.

The benefits of research are very broad, so it would be better if the results were published so that others could access them. Especially with the breadth of fields of knowledge in the world. The following is the purpose of the publication of research results:

1. Getting Better Advice for Scientific Work Creation

When research is published, the author will have the opportunity to get opinions from more experienced parties. For example lecturers, other researchers, or publishers.

Publishing the work can bring useful advice to the author. So that it can improve skills, confidence, and sensitivity when compiling other scientific works.

2. Participate in Providing Solutions to a Problem

The goal in publishing research results that is no less important is to contribute to providing a solution to a problem. There are many things that can be raised and researched, so as to produce certain data.

It is from this data that researchers can provide suggestions or solutions based on theory and the results of their research. So that they can share their perspective on what can be done to deal with this problem.

3. Disseminate findings so that others can read and use them

Published research results open opportunities for others who read them to gain new knowledge. This knowledge can be used for various things. For example, helping others to organize their own research, giving answers to things that make them curious, and so on.

4. Have a Wider Network

The more research that is published, the network of relations will also expand. It is the goal of publishing research results that are important because they can attract the attention of others. If the work is read a lot, it will add its own benefits. For that, don’t get tired of creating quality work.

5. Exploring Lecture Materials

When making a scientific work in the realm of science being studied, of course, you will need a lot of reference material. The source can come from books, online articles, scientific publications, journals, and so on.

So it is not only providing benefits to other people but also to the researchers themselves. He had the opportunity to explore and explore further what he had learned before.

6. Preparation for Making the Final Project

The purpose of publishing research results is also related to preparation for the final assignment. It’s no secret that many students are worried about their final project, namely a thesis or thesis. However, publishing the results of previous research can make it more prepared. Because accustomed to writing according to the rules that apply.

7. Generate a Portfolio

Publishing a scientific paper can be the right step to add to your personal portfolio. With the publication, it means that the author has gone through a series of selections for improvements from the editor. That’s why the work can be recognized because it meets certain rules and standards.

If the article is published successfully, it means that there is an added value for someone in their portfolio. Not many people are able to publish their writings. So that when applying for a job, it will be more profitable.

8. Meets the Requirements to Become an Academic

One of the goals of publishing research results is to fulfill the condition to become an academic. For example researchers, lecturers, or other academic levels. In this submission process, you will usually be asked to publish at least one scientific article so that it can be published in an accredited journal.

9. Establish Collaboration with Other Researchers

Published research results can get more readers. This allows one to meet other researchers, especially in the same scientific field. If considered potential, a study can bring its authors to collaborate with other researchers.

10. Helps Get Research Support

Publication of scientific work can also help someone to get further support for future research. The publication of a work indicates that the author has met certain standards.

Especially if the research is good and brings many benefits. This could open up opportunities to attract people who feel it is worth further research, and then provide assistance.

Thus the discussion of what are the goals in publishing research results. The scientific scope that can be researched is very broad, so the knowledge obtained from research results is important to know. Not only enrich your own knowledge but also can be applied in life.

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