Importance of Technology For Teachers

There is no doubt that technology is considered important for all circles. Teachers are among those who are quite helped by technology. Especially in supporting learning at school. The role of teachers as teaching staff in the digital era often uses technology to support learning. So here are 10 importance of technology for teachers:

1. Helping Collect Teaching Materials

The importance of technology for teachers in learning turns out to be that it can collect teaching materials. Teachers often collect learning resources in search engines via Android or other devices.

Collection of teaching materials such as articles supporting the subject matter being taught. Instead of just relying on books and worksheets, you can find learning resources through technology. This helps teachers in broadening their horizons to their students.

2. Improving 4C Capability

Learning Implementation Plans or what can be called RPP often rely on the learning process with 4C stages. What is meant by 4C is critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills.

In order to achieve success in the learning process, teachers need to hone basic teaching skills with the help of technology. Moreover, nowadays technology helps teachers by conducting training to improve 4C skills.

3. Developing Teaching Methods

In responding to various student characters, teachers are required to be more innovative. Especially in interacting with students, especially in learning methods. Although the lecture method is still valid, the teacher often collaborates with other methods such as discussion.

With the existence of innovations in teaching methods, teachers utilize existing technology. The goal is that students do not feel bored with the same method. The existence of film is shown as a discussion material in supporting student activity.

4. Providing Up to date Materials

Still related to learning, the importance of technology for teachers is to be able to provide up-to-date materials. The existence of a curriculum that changes frequently does not prevent teachers from teaching current material by accessing news on the website.

5. Processing Digital

At the end of the semester, students will get a report on learning outcomes. Now there is a new regulation that every report card will be reported through a digital report card application. As the term implies, digital is inseparable from technology.

The reason is that the teacher needs the target website. Of course, you need an internet connection and a device that supports it. Technology itself can be a medium of information and interaction. Teachers are greatly assisted by technology to support the success of student learning reports.

6. Accelerating the Disbursement of Allowance Funds The

role of teachers is increasingly being taken into account. Intensive funds from both the regional and central governments go to teachers. The priority of teachers is increasingly being taken into account because of their selfless service. The disbursement of this allowance is what teachers need.

The disbursement process is carried out at the destination bank. Usually, it can be withdrawn via technology-based ATMs. It’s not a taboo thing in today’s era if funds can be disbursed through bank accounts and through ATMs.

7. Facilitate Online File Management Files

prepared for the improvement of the teaching profession or so-called PPG. Filing done online can be followed by teachers with the help of android and PC technology. Of course, supported by an adequate internet connection.

Previously, in collecting files, there was editing first. Need software such as word processing applications or conversion to pdf. Teachers are helped to take care of their files with today’s technology and then they can be sent via the web.

8. Learning Media Innovation

Following the digital age, teachers can also take advantage of learning media through zoom. This activity can be continued after the pandemic period at that time. Although still in transition, teachers are required to innovate learning media.

Learning media that can be chosen are Zoom, GMet, and similar applications. Its function is to assist teachers in conveying the subject matter to students. There are also those who only access chat in Telegram and WA groups.

9. Facilitate Communication with Student Guardians

The task of the teacher is not just teaching in class with students. But also communicate with the parents of the students. Educational agents include student guardians who assist in the process of successful student learning. Technology gives a new color to the existence of the phone.

10. Increase the harmonization of fellow teachers

The importance of technology for teachers is to interact with fellow teachers. Usually, in an institution create a special group on wa to facilitate communication. For example, in monthly meetings, invitations, and daily activity reports.

The existence of good communication with the formation of WA can increase harmonization between teachers. Regular communication, whether formal or not, can make the relationship better.

Those are the 10 importance of technology for teachers in learning and outside the context. Broadly speaking, technology brings fresh air and assistance to teacher performance. So, as a teacher, be wise in using it.

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