Interactive Classroom Technology Tools

The existence of technology is very influential in various fields. This also has an impact on the education sector. This technology, it has been proven to improve education in classroom learning. Nevertheless, several interactive classroom technology tools were made. The following are ideas for using technology in the classroom that you can try:

1. Using Do Matter Podcasts

Innovations and ideas that can be done in implementing technology in the classroom are using podcasts. This podcast is a sound recording, in which there are various kinds of content according to the topic of discussion. In relation to Education, using podcasts will be able to help in the long-term teaching process.

In the classroom, podcasts can also be used to listen to lectures or explanations from other educators. It aims to make students have more understanding. In addition, it can be a basic topic regarding academic topics. Podcasts can also be used as assignments so that students will better understand the material.

2. Doing Presentation with SlideShow

Actually, presentation with this slideshow has long been used in classroom learning. This has also been proven to increase students’ understanding. However, there are still many slideshows that only show boring things.

Thus, technological developments give rise to many solutions. One of them is in a slideshow presentation, which can be added with the latest multimedia elements. So, learning in class does not make students bored.

3. Using Virtual Manipulation

Each level of education has different materials. Sometimes the higher the grade the more things need to be learned. Of course, it is important for every teacher to make an innovation in improving the understanding of their students.

There, the idea of ​​using technology in the classroom would be very helpful. For example by doing virtual manipulation. This can be applied in learning mathematics, by manipulative virtual. Using it in class will improve understanding and make it more interesting.

4. Teaching Videos

There is a fact that watching a video can help in remembering the material. This can also be applied in classroom learning. Teachers can take advantage of existing devices and applications. Now there are many teaching videos circulating on the internet.

5. Use of Social Media

The use of social media actually has various pros and cons, especially in education. However, this does not mean that social media cannot be used in education.

In fact, the use of social media in the classroom for educational purposes is very applicable. For example, by answering a question by displaying several hashtags results.

6. Gamification

There is a statement that the best way to learn is while learning. This can be used as a concept in learning.
The application of technology in gamification, for example by learning to type quickly in a computer lab. Typing quickly will cause student excitement.

7. Social Groups

Today, there is a lot of development of ideas for using technology in the classroom. As it is known, students nowadays use social media more. This can be used by teachers to incorporate social media into the curriculum. Plus, by creating Facebook or WhatsApp groups to share discussion topics.

8. Class Schedule

The classroom, of course, can not be separated from the schedules. To be more effective, teachers can use Google Calendar. That way, students will be more organized and get a lot of information, duration, and other important dates.

This is also because most students are now more likely to use gadgets. The digital calendar will be very helpful for students.

9. Virtual Tour

The emergence of ideas to use technology in the classroom, of course, is very diverse. Given the varied learning in the classroom and not just staying in class.

Teachers can use technology to do a virtual tour, namely with Google Cardboard to simulate a field trip. Students can visit historical sites and more virtually.

10. Quizzes and Surveys

As technology develops, it will certainly be able to support education. In teaching in the classroom, technology and the internet can also be used. For example, by holding a quiz or survey related to the material being studied. The quiz can be done in class using Google forms, or other platforms.

This is about discussing ideas for using technology in class that you can try. Of course, in teaching in the classroom, it will be very important to always be creative and innovative. However, it is still in the context of Education well. This will be very important to be accompanied and take advantage of the existence of technology.

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