Negative Effects of Internet on Students

Currently, the use of the internet is not only in the business world but also in the world of education. However, sometimes parents do not realize the negative effects of internet on students if they use it continuously.

Actually, there are not only negative impacts but also positive impacts. But even though there are positives, as a parent, you must know the negative impact that will be caused after getting to know the internet for students. The impacts are:

1. Decreased School Achievement

Actually, the impact of the internet on students is not only able to add insight but also can make the students themselves experience a decrease in the achievements achieved in school. Because sometimes the internet is not used for learning but for surfing fun doing activities that are not important.

2. Online Game Addiction

The most visible negative impact of the internet on students is that children become addicted to online games. Sometimes if you have played online, students will forget the time, eat and even take a break.

This is what parents pay attention to. Because these problems can be a bad influence on achievement or for the child’s own personality.

3. Dirty Content

Another bad effect of internet use on students is the rise of dirty content. This happens because many students use internet access without parental supervision so that they can access anything without worrying about being caught.

Moreover, nowadays there are a lot of dirty contexts, whether in the form of images, text, videos, or others. That way, parents must be more vigilant and supervise their children when accessing the information on the internet.

4. Deviant Social Behavior

Parents must also pay attention to the behavior of their children. Because usually students who are familiar with the internet, will spend time at home and rarely hang out like peers in the real world. The student is happier with his virtual world friend.

5. Lazy to Do Other Activities

Apart from the 4 negative impacts of the internet, there are others, namely, students will usually be lazy to do other activities if they are already busy surfing the internet. Let alone activities, even the child is too lazy to take a bath because he is too focused on his virtual world.

6. Often Lies

Well, for this point, many cases have occurred. It is often found that students will lie to go to school to their parents but in reality, they do not go to school. Instead, go to an internet cafe to play online games or open other sites that are no less bad for the students themselves.

7. Involved in Brawls or Fights

The negative impact of the internet on other students is that they are often involved in brawls with other students, either within the same school or between schools. This can be caused because the student is provoked by emotions either directly or social media status that has spread in cyberspace.

8. Harsh Words

Another bad influence that can be seen is the words used are usually rude and dirty. Because nowadays many children cannot distinguish good and bad words when playing on the internet. Usually, this often happens to students who have been addicted to online games.

9. Damaging Eye Health

In addition, other bad effects can interfere with and even damage eye health. This can happen due to fatigue or due to radiation rays from these electronic devices.

10. The occurrence of Cyber ​​Crime

Even the most frightening effect in cyberspace today is the occurrence of cybercrime or cybercrime. This also includes the impact of the internet that can occur on students as well as the general public.

Because at this time students have been taught IT from an early age. No wonder it then fosters a fairly large curiosity and it can also be dangerous for yourself and others.

So, those were the ten negative impacts of the internet on students that should be an extra concern for parents or teachers as supervisors in schools. To avoid these problems, start paying attention to children when using the internet and limit the time they use it.

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