Negative Impact of Technology on Society

The negative impact of technology on society is quite a lot. Likewise, there are many advantages that can help ease human work. Actually, it all depends on each individual. Can you take advantage of this technology or will it make you complacent?

Humans as perfect beings are given the advantage by God to be able to make decisions with the mind. Should also be able to limit yourself when you overdo something. Even to the point of forgetting the real life that should be fought for. But in reality, it is not an easy matter if you are addicted.

Advances in technology do have a lot of positive benefits that are useful. However, it also has a negative impact on humans who are already addicted. Here are 6 negative effects of technological developments on human life that you need to know. Anything? Listen below!

1. Copyright Abuse

If in the past work could only be obtained from the original creator through an official agent, it is different now. After the advent of information technology, a lot of selling works made by others or called piracy.

Of course with the lure of low prices. Though the quality is very much different. But somehow because of the lack of public knowledge if the action violates the law. In fact, there are still many who buy pirated works.

2. Lack of Jobs

The more sophisticated the technology created, the easier the job. However, this creates a lack of employment opportunities for humans. Because it has been replaced by a fast and economical machine.

3. Often Occurs Hoax

Usually, false information occurs only for a sensation. Whether personal, corporate or just to bring down the opponent. What about during the election for government office? This is very common.

Of course, it is difficult to prevent it. Given the easy access to news that can be done. As an intelligent human being, it is very important to study a rumor.

4. Lazy to Move

There are many kinds of technology. Starting from information, machines, and so on. Unfortunately, this actually makes people lazy to move. One example is the elevator and escalator.

5. Many Fraud Occurs Online

Want to shop for everything you need? No more need to go out of the house with difficulty. All are available in smartphones in the palm of your hand. Just choose, pay, then wait for it to be delivered.

But many also use the search for money by cheating. Although there are many ways to overcome it, it still happens.

6. Ease of Spreading Negative Content and LGBT

In addition to the ease of information and communication provided by technological advances. There are many negative effects of technological developments on human life. One thing that is easy to damage the brain, especially young people, is negative content and the LGBT community.

7. Spread of Malware

Viruses are often very annoying if they have spread on a device. Of course, all important data will be lost. Most are data theft for criminal purposes using personal data.

8. Addiction

This disease has a lot to happen due to too much. So it appears if it doesn’t work. Today’s addiction does not only apply to children but also to adults in old age. It’s really sad.

Even though it should be able to provide many benefits, it becomes a psychological disease. If not treated immediately, it could lead to death. Therefore, it is important to consult for healing.

9. Lack of Social Interaction

Children in the 90s must have been in childhood playing outside with friends. Establish kinship, friendship, and other sympathetic traits. But different then and now. Everything changes.

Many people say technological advances make close people far away. How come? The gathering is enough to be done online and its services only. No more laughing jokes except being busy along with cell phones.

10. Online Attacks

Crime doesn’t just happen in the real world. Now a lot of crimes are committed online. Whether fraud, bullying crimes and many more.
What often happens is the crime of debit and credit card hijacking. No half-hearted nominal very large and detrimental. Until now, there is no sophisticated detection tool that can overcome this. television watchful of personal people.

Those are 10 negative effects of technological developments on human life. Even so, technological advances still provide a lot of positive sides. Therefore, use it as best as possible to avoid negative things.

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