Interactive Classroom Technology Tools

interactive classroom technology tools

The existence of technology is very influential in various fields. This also has an impact on the education sector. This technology, it has been proven to improve education in classroom learning. Nevertheless, several interactive classroom technology tools were made. The following are ideas for using technology in the classroom that you can try: 1. Using … Read more

Negative Effects of Internet on Students

negative effects of internet on students

Currently, the use of the internet is not only in the business world but also in the world of education. However, sometimes parents do not realize the negative effects of internet on students if they use it continuously. Actually, there are not only negative impacts but also positive impacts. But even though there are positives, … Read more

Alternative Energy Sources Examples

alternative energy sources examples

An example of the use of alternative energy is a step that is often used to replace other fuels so that they do not run out quickly. Alternative sources are obtained from the energy that is widely available in nature. So here is an alternative energy sources examples in everyday life. Come on, see more! … Read more

Benefits of Internet For Students

benefits of internet for students

In the millennial era, which is now filled with Gen Z, internet use is no longer a rarity. There are many benefits of internet for students, not only for students but also for the field of education that can be availed by both educational components, that is, teachers and students. In addition, the breadth of … Read more

Learning Something New Everyday

learning something new everyday

There are many benefits of learning something new everyday, one of the benefits is that we can improve our brains. When you have a curious nature, everyday life will be easier. A diligent person always has many friends and is liked by the teacher, so it is easier to achieve goals. Well here are other … Read more

Problems Faced by Students in Learning English Language

problems faced by students in learning english language

Problems faced by students in learning English language have challenges and difficulties. Even though learning the language is considered difficult, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to try. One of the things that can be realized is to recognize some of the obstacles and find solutions to overcome these problems. The willingness to learn English … Read more

Impacts of Technology in Our Daily Life

impact of technology in our daily life

The positive and negative impacts of technology in our daily life are of course various. Digitization was created to provide convenience for humans in various fields. But in reality, technology also has a bad impact on humans. So, it is necessary to know what the impacts arising from the development of technology. The impacts that … Read more

Benefits of Online Learning

benefits of online learning

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many aspects had to undergo a shift and adaptation. Including the learning process at school, which becomes learning at home. The students who initially found it difficult to adapt turned out to get significant benefits online. There are many benefits of online learning in many aspects. … Read more

Impact of Internet on Education

impact of internet on education

The internet contains various kinds of things in the world that can have a positive impact or vice versa. For a student, using the internet may often sound negative. In fact, there is a positive impact of internet on education for students which is also rarely realized but has a big and important impact. Actually, … Read more

Bad Things About Internet

bad things about internet

The use of the internet is causing problems in society. Whether it’s in terms of education, family, or personal affairs, the internet has a negative impact that is often not even realized. These invisible bad things about internet actually have a dangerous impact. In fact, some people make this effect a habit by accident. Therefore, … Read more