Problems Faced by Students in Learning English Language

Problems faced by students in learning English language have challenges and difficulties. Even though learning the language is considered difficult, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to try. One of the things that can be realized is to recognize some of the obstacles and find solutions to overcome these problems.

The willingness to learn English will usually appear when one knows the importance of the language. Although the difficulties that are often encountered when learning English are quite diverse, there is no need to worry, consider the following description:

Difficulties Often Encountered When Learning English

Each person certainly has different obstacles and difficulties when learning English. Here are some difficulties in learning English and how to overcome them:

1. Lack of Confidence

Difficulties when learning something often come from oneself, as is the case when learning English. Not a few people are afraid and lack the confidence to use English in starting a conversation.

Keep in mind that one’s English ability also comes from learning and of course, there will be mistakes when going through the process. Confidence can only be formed by yourself, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes and keep learning.

2. Difficult to Memorize Vocabulary

All languages ​​are the same and have a very large vocabulary. Anyone can have difficulty memorizing English vocabulary. There are several ways to make it easier to memorize vocabulary.

The memorization can be started with vocabulary in everyday conversation and things that are often found around us. Another way can also be circumvented is by using a sticky note by writing the name of the object (in English) in the room or house and affixing it.

3. Difficult to Understand Grammar

One of the difficulties in learning English that is often encountered is understanding grammar. Because there are a lot of formulas and rules that must be remembered in it. But there is no need to worry when learning grammar because English will be easier if you have mastered a lot of vocabulary.

Learning grammar is not just memorizing formulas, but a more effective way is by doing questions. Sensitivity to grammar will be trained by working on these questions.

4. Lack of Proficiency in Pronunciation

The pronunciation of English is quite different from Indonesian, so it is natural for us to have difficulties. Learning the right pronunciation can be done by using an electronic dictionary in order to check the correct pronunciation.

In addition, improving pronunciation skills can also be done by frequently having conversations with other people, both friends and native speakers. Another way can also be learned by often watching movies and memorizing songs in English.

Objectives of Learning English

After knowing the difficulties in learning English, the following will describe some of the goals and benefits of learning English. Knowing these various benefits will certainly provide awareness of the importance of English, see the full explanation:

1. Make it Easy to Communicate

Keep in mind that English is a universal language. That is, the language is the most commonly used language and makes it easier to communicate in any country we are in.

2. Paving the Way for Getting Scholarships

To study abroad, of course, you must at least have the ability to speak English. In addition, the scholarship requirements usually use a TOEFL or IELTS certificate in its acceptance. Therefore, having English language skills will certainly provide an opportunity to get a scholarship.

3. Expanding Knowledge in Various Fields

Having English language skills will greatly facilitate learning and understanding of various international references. The reference in question is a work written in English. This convenience will be very helpful in expanding knowledge in various desired fields.

4. Providing Ease of Running a Business

Not only that, but having English language skills will also make it easier for business matters. Businesses that are carried out abroad or in terms of cooperation will certainly get a lot of convenience in running it.

Those are some explanations about some of the difficulties in learning English and how to overcome them and the benefits of having these language skills. In addition to the explanation above, there are various other difficulties and benefits that can be encountered when learning English.

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