Pros and Cons of Technology in Society

Are there pros and cons of technology in society? Yes of course. It can be seen in the surrounding environment that today’s life is almost dominated by technological developments. Back to the original question, it is clear that technology has many impacts, ranging from positive to negative.


There are many positive influences brought about by technological developments. This influence extends not only to one area but to many fields. For a full explanation of the positive impact of technology, please understand the following description:

1. Facilitate Communication

When you hear the word technology, it is undeniable that the first thing that may appear is communication. That’s because technology in communication has almost dominated the world. Wherever communication that exists from one place to another occurs due to the influence of technological developments.

The increasing power of technology proves that ease of communication can be achieved. From easy communication, many matters can be quickly resolved. Starting from business matters, family communication, or informal communication between friends.

2. Shorten Operational

Time Time is considered very valuable. As much as possible one tries not to waste too much time. At this time technology is here to shorten any time that can be spent helping to do anything.

3. Helping In Many Jobs

The technology created today can be used in many ways. Starting from transportation, communication, business, or media. In a short period of time, technology helps in many of the details of the usual work.

For example, the technology created can help someone do office work on public transportation. At the same time, one can also order food for snacks while at the office. Three jobs can be done at one time.

4. Saving Energy

The positive influence of technological developments on human life can then be seen in terms of energy. It is known that human power has its limits. However, if human labor is saved and used to move the tool, the work will save more energy.

5. Increasing Effectiveness and Efficiency

The existence of technology increases effectiveness and efficiency in various fields of life. For example, in the field of transportation, increasingly advanced technology makes vehicles can be controlled automatically. Meanwhile, in the business sector, technology makes it easier for buyers and sellers to make transactions.


If there is a positive influence of technological developments on human life, there will also be negative effects. Technology and Information is like a paper that has two sides. The negative effects that can be brought by technological developments are:

1. Making Humans Live in Antisocial Spheres

In fact, humans are individuals who must live socially. However, due to technological developments, humans tend not to need the help of other humans. A life that is used to focus only on technological assistance and becomes less socialized.

Of course, this is a bad thing. If this continued, humans may have fewer social skills. It can indirectly affect patterns and behavior for the worse.

2. Being Someone’s Source To Be Unproductive

In addition to being less social, technology can also have an effect on lazy to do productivity. So, technology mostly comes from the smartphone or computer that is used. Automatically, people who use technology frequently will only continue to rely on technology.

3. Increase the Number of Unemployment

The last negative influence comes from the world of the work sector. This point is starting to be recognized by many people, especially job seekers. The technology used in almost all fields is slowly starting to erode the need for human labor.

If it continues like that, the job opportunities will be narrower because it is replaced by the role of technology. High unemployment is not a good sign. Indirectly, the use of technology can disrupt human life systems.

4. Leads to Gadget Addiction

Today’s gadgets or gadgets provide almost everything. As a result, users can become addicted and continue to use gadgets. This is certainly not a good thing, because gadget addiction can reduce productivity and make people lazy to work.

5. More Crime

One of the negative impacts of technology is the increasing number of crimes that occur. If previously crimes involved direct contact, now crimes can be done indirectly in cyberspace. Bullying, fraud, and even the destruction of computer equipment are examples of crimes because of technological advances.

However, technology is still something that is very calculated and needed. Judging from the positive influence of technological developments on human life, technology is considered worthy of being maintained. However, limit the use of technology in order to minimize its negative effects.

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