Reasons For Choosing The Title of The Thesis

For final students, maybe they feel they are submitting a thesis. Usually, these students will be asked why they chose that title. So that students need to provide reasons for choosing the title of the thesis, in order to be sure of the answers put forward.

1. There are problems in the research

The first reason or answer that can be used when asked a question by the lecturer is to answer that there is a problem in the research. That way, usually the lecturer will feel confident with the answer. But keep in mind, that there will be follow-up questions.

Students also need to provide strong arguments for the reasons put forward. Can by describing the most complicated problem obtained from the research. Of course, so that the lecturer is sure and agrees with the title that has been previously chosen.

2. There is an interest in the problem in the research being taken

The answer this time is almost the same, but slightly different. Students can state reasons that there are important things that must be considered in the research. But put forward the right reasons, in order to continue the thesis. Because if not, will be considered as having no interest.

3. Have an Interest and Very Interested in the Research

The following regarding answer or reason for choosing the title of the thesis is to say that students have an interest and are also very interested in the research. In this case, the student must also state the reasons. So, providing strong arguments for each answer is necessary.

With this answer, it can make the lecturers interested in student answers. Because, if the research logic is from people who are very interested in the research, the results obtained will be different. Unlike research that is made half-hearted and unsatisfactory.

4. Because there is a gap between what is desired and what happened at that time

The fourth reason is to say that there is a gap between what is currently happening and what is desired. So, students must really understand the gaps in the titles used. Of course, so that it is strengthened and students can use the title that has been made to carry out research.

5. The title has not been studied by other students

The next answer, which is the easiest and also the right one to use as an excuse, is that the title has not been used as research. So that students do research on the title. Also say that the title still raises many problems, so students want to do research.

6. Issues Raised Relevant to the Department

On the sixth point regarding the reason for choosing the title of the thesis, all that remains is to answer that the title is in accordance with the major. At least the answer is also considered appropriate. So it’s possible to get away with using the title but also include a strong argument.

7. Topics to be Researched are Booming

The next reason that can be used when the lecturer asks why he chose that title is to say that the title or topic is currently booming. Because most people prefer the booming topic. However, before using it, it would be nice to consider it first.

8. Because There Was Experience During an Apprenticeship

If only the topic or title chosen is not a title that is relevant to the department, then you can answer because of experience during the internship. But this must also be appropriate, make sure that the title was created because of an experience at a previous internship.

9. There are still many unanswered questions in previous studies

The next reason is to suggest that there are still many problems or issues that have not been answered in previous studies. However, this answer must also be in line with reality, so that in the next question students will be able to answer it easily.

10. So that many people know about the problem that will be investigated

The last is to say that so that people can understand and know more about the problem that will be researched. Of course, excuses can be used if indeed the topic or title that is silent is not a topic that is currently booming. So, to attract public awareness.

These are some of the answers that can be used as reasons for choosing the title of the thesis. As a tip, don’t answer that the title is a suggestion from the supervisor or ordered by the supervisor. Because it will have a bad impact such as the thesis title not being accepted by the examiner.

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