School Rules for Students

It is common for every place to have its own rules or regulations. For example, there are rules at school or in the office. The examples of school rules for students are the most common things in the school area and should exist.

Why School Rules for Students are Created

An example of school rules is for students to remain calm during the teaching and learning process. As is well known, the order is another name for rules made to achieve the common good.

The nature of this order tends to regulate, but it is certain that the order contains a million benefits. Be it for the school itself, or for school citizens. Of course, the existence of school rules will not exist except for several reasons.

It is natural for these reasons to encourage school members to set rules which must be obeyed. Usually, the reason a school has rules is to manage the structure of the school.

The rules can also be a guideline for how school members should behave or act. That’s because the school members certainly come from people with different contents in their heads, so a guideline is needed to unite everything.

The Function of School Rules

Indeed, an ordinance must have a primary function in the reason for its creation. This function will be the final result expected from the existence of a regulation. For the school rules themselves, generally, the functions provided are:

Setting the habits of different students becomes a standard habit that can be accepted by everyone.
One means for students to learn self-control and emotions.
Assistant for the creation of a conducive learning atmosphere that is calm and full of concentration.

School Rules Specification

Even though the rules are a rule that was created to regulate all school members, it does not mean that the rules can be made at will. Rules must still be made based on the agreement of all people, or things that will not cause division. The regulatory requirements include:

  • Rules must be general in nature and not concerned with personal or group emotions.
  • Orders must be made without elements of racism.
  • Furthermore, the rules are written in writing and in a language format that can be understood by all readers.
  • Rules must also be obeyed by all members of the school concerned.

What are The Most Important Rules in School

Now, let’s discuss examples of school rules that are common in the school environment. Usually, this school rule regulates picket schedules, school obligations, and other things. Here are some examples of school rules:

1. About Attendance

The first regulation usually regulates attendance. It has become a common sentence that reads; ‘students must be present in school before the bell rings’.
This is a very good rule and can be said to be the starting rule that every school wants. If students obey the rules, then it will also have an effect on smooth learning activities.

2. Rules for the Disciples of Parcel Officers

For those who have picket obligations, it is expected to arrive a few minutes earlier. This is the second rule that usually exists.
Picket officers must arrive early to prepare the school so that it is neat and clean before the KBM process takes place. So, for example, public students arrive 15 minutes before starting time, and the picket staff must arrive 30 minutes before entering.

3. Controlling Emotions and Polite Attitudes

During school, students must be polite and courteous to the teachers in the school. This third set of rules includes examples of school rules that are just as important. Made to keep the peace and control the nature of students who might be a little wayward.

4. No Fuss

The purpose of the above rules is that there is no violent commotion in the school. A very natural thing when there is a commotion from the school.
Is it from excitement or other things that are usually caused by students? However, what needs to be noted is that there should be no violence whatsoever in the school.

5. Mandatory to Maintain Cleanliness

Everyone is required to maintain the cleanliness of the school, not just picket officers. Maintaining cleanliness needs to be done so that the school remains in a safe and clean condition so that the learning process becomes comfortable. After all, a clean school is more pleasing to the eye.

6. Conducive During Empty Hours

Students must stay and study in school during school hours even though the teacher is not able to fill in the material. It is common to see that there are students passing from school to the canteen during the lesson.

This is clearly a distraction and can distract other schools. Therefore, the existence of this kind of regulation can better control the attitudes and behavior of students.

Maybe the points above are some examples of school rules that are most often used. The important thing is that the rules must be approved by all school members so as not to cause divisions.

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