Psychology of Trust Issues

psychology of trust issues

The psychology of trust issues is a condition in which a person cannot put his trust in other people. So sufferers find it difficult to build trust in the people around them, such as family, friends, and girlfriends. Well, readers should know a lot of information related to this crisis. Definition of Trust Issues A … Read more

Negative Impact of Technology on Society

negative impact of technology on society

The negative impact of technology on society is quite a lot. Likewise, there are many advantages that can help ease human work. Actually, it all depends on each individual. Can you take advantage of this technology or will it make you complacent? Humans as perfect beings are given the advantage by God to be able … Read more

Impacts of Technology in Our Daily Life

impact of technology in our daily life

The positive and negative impacts of technology in our daily life are of course various. Digitization was created to provide convenience for humans in various fields. But in reality, technology also has a bad impact on humans. So, it is necessary to know what the impacts arising from the development of technology. The impacts that … Read more