Teaching Fairness in The Classroom

In addition to polite behavior, in the school environment, what is called fairness must also be applied, not even just to students, but also to teachers. Therefore, this time we will discuss examples of teaching fairness in the classroom. That way it will be easy to practice.

Because after all in the school environment sometimes there is still a lack of supervision so justice is still not applied. Whereas in the school world, students should pay more attention to this regard. That way, students will have no trouble living in society.

An example of fair behavior at school is an attitude that must be applied to children from an early age in the school environment itself. There are several attitudes or behaviors that should be carried out or taught to students in the school environment. Here’s an example:

1. Give Friends the Opportunity to Talk

The first example is how students should give their friends the opportunity to participate in speaking. For example, when holding a meeting between students. Of course, every student has the right to give information about the theme of the meeting. So that friends will not be afraid of being discriminated against in voting.

2. Making friends without looking at social status

Another fair trait that can be applied in the school environment is not choosing friends based on social status. If you want to be friends only with students with high social status, then it is unfair to other students who don’t have one.

Even this characteristic should not only be applied in the school environment. However, in a public environment, it is common for people to want to be friends just because of their social status. For example, Kadi may not be friends with someone just because of their material values.

3. Helping Friends in Trouble

Other fair behavior that can also be used as an example for students in the school environment is helping or helping other students who are having trouble. For example, the friend does not understand the subject matter, so it can be helped by explaining the material again.

However, if helping what is meant is giving cheat sheets, then that is absolutely not justified. Visiting friends who are sick is also a fair behavior that needs to be applied. Also, provide support and encouragement to students who are sick.

4. Inviting Friends to Join When Studying Groups

The fair attitude and behavior that students need to apply in the school environment are inviting friends to join in group study. In schools, this behavior is usually taught by the teacher. With group study, students can also consult to discuss lessons.

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