Technology As a Learning Tool

Long before the pandemic, technology was growing. The technology used in education today is very sophisticated and provides many conveniences. Especially when the learning and teaching process must be done online. Technology as a learning tool can help overcome any difficulties.

This change was initially difficult to accept, especially for schools that had never been carried out. It is different from developed countries that have long applied it in the world of education. Here are 10 technologies used in education today and in the future:

1. Artificial Intelligent

This technology has been used almost all over the world to facilitate the education system. Because Artificial Intelligence is useful in making data for each student according to their respective abilities. In this way, the results obtained will be maximized.

Of course, because you can enjoy every material that has not been reached or from every student. Because learning and student speed have differences.

Not only that, AI provides automatic facilities for creating and adding intelligent curricula. And this technology has been applied to at least 30 percent of education in the world, including Indonesia.

2. Big Data

The function of big data analytics is to accommodate all data with a large capacity. Good data for students, educators, and also schools. Another advantage, this technology will immediately analyze each piece of data and then sort it according to the solution provided.

This is a solution for the development of a more efficient and faster education system. Of course, if it is done manually it will complicate the work. Not sure if it fits the category.

3. Internet of Things

One of the technologies used in education today is the internet of things. Where this technology serves to connect all devices and shareholders in one system. Be it students or teachers.

With the use of this advanced technology, student development analysis will be faster and more certain. Of course, it will make the education system easier and better.

4. Cloud Computing

All data will be stored via the internet so that it can be accessed at any time and any place. Therefore, technology is needed that can store all the data. The technology is Cloud Computing.

5. Gamification

The application of Gamification technology may become a trend in the world of education. Because it can change the learning system to be different. It’s easier to absorb and less boring and interesting.

Why is that? Because this technology will implement a learning system while playing. Where it is very popular with children. Even so, the material is still easy to accept and easier to remember.

6. Immersive Technology

It is not new to apply immersive technology in the world of education. Because it includes the technology used in education today. One that is known is Virtual Reality. But there’s actually a lot more.

7. Robotics Process Automation

Robotic process automation technology is used for communication between two people. With the help of the speed of technology, educators will be more focused on providing material. Especially emotionally.

8. CyberSecurity

Technology does provide many conveniences. However, it is also easy for people to commit crimes online. One of them is stealing important data. Therefore, Cyber ​​Security technology will maintain the security of the data properly.

Usually, this technology will provide notifications of actions that need to be taken to transmit data. Not only school data, but personal data security is also important to maintain. Of course, you don’t want to get into trouble not because of the act itself.

9. Video-Based Learning

Video learning may be rarely used and favored in the past. However, now it has become a necessity. the epidemic is over. However, there are also many very fun learning videos, so they are liked.

In addition to direct video learning, students can also choose video material that is easier to understand as desired. Such as through Youtube videos, online courses, and so on. Because usually, the way of delivery is always unacceptable for some people.

10. Blockchain

Technology The last technology that has been applied today, although it has not yet become a trend, is Blockchain technology. Where it is useful for exam management, certificate verification, and many others. This application has only been carried out on several international-based course providers.

Thus 10 technologies are used in education today and in the future. It could be increased in order to provide a level of efficiency of the world’s education system.

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