Technology Equipment For The Classroom

The demand for technology in education is getting higher. This is done to make learning easier. There are many kinds of technology equipment for the classroom, depending on the school that completes the learning needs.

There are many tools needed for the learning system during the process. One of them is a technology that helps make it easier for teachers to explain the material to their students. The following are various types of technology equipment for classrooms that are needed by every school:

1. Infocus/Projector LED

Infocus is a technology that has been widely used and provided by the school. Infocus is widely used both in primary education schools to college. Again, it depends on the school that completes the teaching and learning needs.

This Infocus LED is a display on a laptop that is reflected onto a plain area such as a wall and a whiteboard. This tool only displays images or videos on the laptop. Infocus is useful for both teachers and students when presenting an ongoing lesson.

2. Speakers

After discussing technology equipment for classrooms, namely in focus. Now the kinds of equipment for the next classroom are speakers. Infocus and speakers are two technologies that cannot be separated when showing a learning video. Speakers become supporters in the form of loudspeakers to clarify learning.

3. Laptop

Laptops are a necessity for everyone today. Especially since the world is experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone needs a laptop to work and also to study. Since the Covid-19 virus pandemic, schools have implemented an online system (in the network) for the teaching and learning process.

4. Computers/PCs

Computers or PCs are the next technology needed for classrooms. Usually, this computer or PC is available in the language laboratory room. It can also be used as a computer room for ICT (Information and Communication Technology) learning.

Computers are able to support learning and facilitate learning to take places, such as learning English. Students use this computer to view the videos available on their respective computers and listen to the contents of the video.

5. The Kahoot Platform

Kahoot is a game platform for students. Used while online (in the network) takes place. This platform is used to find out to what extent students understand the lesson. In this platform, there are also interesting competencies between classes.

6. Seesaw

Seesaw is a digital portfolio application in order to see the results of student homework, it can be in the form of videos, auto, and also photos. This tool is useful for displaying the creative work that has been made by students. The results of these works can later collaborate with other students so that they will produce cool and unique videos, audio, and photos.

7. EdApp

This is the latest platform for the world of education, it can be obtained free of charge for students, teachers, and anyone with teaching and learning needs. This platform has a micro-teaching system for educator villages. This platform is useful for displaying the knowledge and skills of students and teachers.

There are many topics discussed in it that can be discussed and read independently. Topics discussed such as global challenges, namely leadership, physical training, and entrepreneurship are also included. The features available on this platform are also available to increase brain intelligence.

8. Zoom

Zoom is one of the most used applications, which is useful for the teaching and learning process. Face-to-face meetings online (on the network) on their respective gadgets. Wherever you are, you can still enter the online classroom, making it easier for learning to take place.

9. Google Documents

Applications Google documents have been used quite a lot, both at the secondary and tertiary levels of education. This Google document is usually used to send assignments to all students whose assignments have been made by the teacher. This application can also be used as a children’s online exam question sheet.

10. Padlet

The technological equipment for the next classroom is Padlet. This Padlet is in the form of a digital pinboard which is useful for student games. This digital tool is quite simple to play, which is to make a question with an anonymous name which will be answered by the teacher and also the students.

This set of questions will be randomized and later selected randomly, then answered. In order to assess the extent to which students’ understanding during learning takes place. digital pinboards can also hone a child’s brain to deftly answer questions.

Those were some kinds of technological equipment for classrooms that are currently needed by many schools. Due to the advancement of the times, there are also more needs in carrying out education such as technology that makes it easier for teachers and students in learning.

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