What Would Happen to Humankind if Technology didn’t Exist

what would happen to humankind if technology didn't exist

In today’s digital era, almost all aspects of human life have been digitized and connected with technology. Starting from work, entertainment, and communication, to health, everything is connected with technology. But, have you ever thought about what would happen to humankind if technology didn’t exist? Without technology, human life would be very different. The following … Read more

Examples of Synchronous Communication

examples of synchronous communication

Actually, the application of examples of synchronous communication has been carried out since the development of information technology in various forms of media. It’s just that not everyone is sensitive or aware of it, only after the pandemic, which has not ended, that awareness emerged. Just say it-learning is currently increasingly encouraged in schools and … Read more

Examples of New Technology Having a Negative Impact on Sustainability

example of new technology having a negative impact on sustainability

Technology continues to develop from time to time. Currently, many new technologies are circulating in the market with the aim of facilitating human life. However, new technologies also have a negative impact on environmental sustainability. In this article, we will discuss 15 examples of new technology having a negative impact on sustainability. 1. Fast food … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

Mobile phone is an electronic devices that cannot be separated from everyday human life today. Of the many advantages it has, mobile phones are indeed an important part of life, but mobile phones also have disadvantages that can affect the quality of human life. The following are examples of the advantages and disadvantages of mobile … Read more

Examples of Applied Technology

examples of applied technology

Applied energy may have been used in everyday life but without conscious awareness. Namely using but do not really understand that it is applied energy. Therefore, we will mention some examples of applied technology that readers can learn. Understanding and Benefits of Applied Technology The first discussion in this article is about the meaning or … Read more

Why Technology is Bad

why technology is bad

Why technology is bad? The more advanced and the development of technology for the life of the general public, there are various good and bad sides. In addition to the good side that is often felt, there is also a bad side that gradually becomes a boomerang. The negative impact of technology is increasingly real … Read more

Communication in Information Technology

communication in information technology

Communication in information technology. The relationship between communication and information technology has a very close relationship. In an era that is developing very quickly, information dissemination can occur due to communication that is established through devices such as cell phones, social media, and so on. The existence of sophisticated technology makes communication devices more innovative. … Read more

Impact of Technology on Business

impact of technology on business

The impact of technology on business is very significant at this time. The rapid development of technology is directly proportional to the business development that is affected by it. What are the tangible effects of technology on the business world? How Technology Impacts the Business World The era that continues to move forward will certainly … Read more

Why Technology is Good

why technology is good

Why technology is good for humans now? In this modern era, Technological developments are growing rapidly. Many machines that previously were just imagination, are now used in everyday life. The positive impact of technology that is felt is so great, it even affects the modern. Currently, various kinds of activities can be done with just … Read more

Positive Impacts of Transportation Technology

positive impacts of transportation technology

Transportation technology has developed from time to time. In this regard, it can also be called modernization which has various impacts. Of course, it aims to make people’s lives easier. The following is about modernization and the positive impacts of transportation technology. Modernization of Transportation Technology Modernization is a transition from the past or traditional … Read more