Warning Signs of Poor Collaboration

What are the warning signs of poor collaboration? In a cooperative relationship, there are several characteristics that must be applied so that cooperation runs smoothly. However, there are also traits that must be avoided in collaboration. These certain traits are best avoided when working together.

However, there are still some people who may not realize what traits need to be removed when working with others. Because of this, the following will discuss various traits that need to be avoided in establishing a working relationship with many people:

1. Being Selfish in Self Interest

Selfishness is a trait that must be avoided in a cooperative relationship. Because a good cooperative relationship will not happen, if someone is still concerned with his own ego and does not care about the opinions and interests of others.

Cooperation with other people is a situation where a person must set aside his ego. Prioritize collaboration to achieve common goals.

2. Prioritizing Individualistic Nature

Besides being selfish, individualism is also a trait that must be avoided in a cooperative relationship. It is possible that one has more capacity than other people, but that does not mean one does not involve colleagues in the process of achieving goals.

Moreover, in a cooperative relationship, the goal to be achieved must be a common goal. Therefore, it is very important to involve other colleagues in the process.

3. Reasons To Avoid Liability

In a cooperative relationship, everyone has their own responsibilities. This responsibility is shared so that the process of achieving goals can run more smoothly and effectively something with the ability of colleagues.

Too many excuses to avoid responsibility can lower peer trust. In addition, it makes the initial goal even more difficult to achieve.

4. Conducting Verbal or Physical Harassment

Harassment is something that is strictly prohibited in a cooperative relationship. Although in the context of joking to break the ice, it still has the potential to become harassment.

Everyone involved in a cooperative relationship needs to realize that harassment is not always a physical act. There is also verbal abuse. Because of that, there is an expectation that each colleague will guard his words and behavior.

5. Enmity with the Party Invited to Cooperate

An example of a trait that must be avoided in further cooperation is being hostile to the party with whom it is supposed to cooperate. Of course, this is very contradictory. It will make it difficult to forge a successful working relationship.

If the party invited to work together is an enemy party, cooperation may be established but not a healthy relationship.

6. Feeling That Yourself is the Most Righteous

Everyone has their own opinion, it could be wrong could be right. Therefore, it is better to avoid self-righteousness. Listen to the opinions of other colleagues for better judgment.

7. It is not fair to give evaluations to parties invited to cooperate

In a cooperative relationship, judgment must always be fair and objective. Should not be influenced by elements such as SARA or hatred of certain groups. All opinions and judgments must be based on common interests that are to be achieved from the collaborative process.

8. Separation or Considering Yourself Different for Some Reason

In an effective cooperative relationship, everyone must mingle and carry out responsibilities according to their abilities. Self-exclusion and reluctance to mingle can hinder this process of cooperation. Moreover, if done for some reason.

9. Violating the Cooperation Agreement

At the beginning of a working relationship, there may be rules that have been applied and must be obeyed by colleagues. In order for the cooperative relationship to run well, each member is prohibited from violating the agreement that has been agreed upon.

10. Accusing Other Parties Without Clear Evidence

Asking other people to be responsible for their mistakes is not wrong. However, accusing someone of certain wrongdoing without clear proof is something that is very wrong.

Those are various examples of traits that should be avoided in collaborating with others. Make sure not to have the above properties before entering into certain cooperative relationships.

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