Why English is Important For Students

Language is an important tool to communicate with each other. In the international world, English is the main language used. The importance of English in this era of globalization is closely related to many things. Starting from education, technology, economics, and others. It is not surprising that every country is now intensively providing English language education to its citizens. Here are some reasons why English is important for students.

1. Increase Job Opportunities

Finding a job is one of the serious problems faced by everyone. Limited employment opportunities in an area can increase the unemployment rate. By learning English, everyone can find work in different countries.

On the other hand, being proficient in English can also help someone find free or part-time work. A common part-time job is usually being a translator. Many films or comics from outside of course require a translated version.

2. Expanding Insights

In this era of globalization, it is commonplace that all information can be accessed easily. The importance of English in the era of globalization is certainly very closely related to this. That way, through learning English everyone can access information from anywhere.

3. Make Friends

With today’s sophisticated technology, people from various countries can connect with each other. As it was previously known that English is an international language, therefore to communicate with people from other countries, this language is needed in the process.

4. Knowing Foreign Cultures

Every country has a different culture. With English, every citizen can share their culture with the outside world. Therefore everyone can learn about the different cultures of each existing country. However, by studying foreign cultures, you do not have to forget your own culture.

5. Helping Academic Interests

The importance of English in the era of globalization, one of which can be a means of seeking education abroad. Many popular schools abroad provide the best quality education. In addition, having good English skills can help me find scholarships abroad easily.

6. Increase Confidence

It is human nature that possessing an advantage will increase trust. Being proficient in English will certainly make everyone more confident. Good at communicating with others and is firm in expressing his opinion in public without hesitation.

7. Helping Learning in All Areas

There is a lot of knowledge out there that comes from many different countries. The importance of English in the era of globalization, one of which is being able to access learning resources from various places. That way the limitations of learning resources do not become a barrier to the development of existing technology.

8. Knowing the Current International Conditions

Observing the conditions in the surrounding environment is mandatory for humans as social beings. With English, information from every country can be accessed easily. Knowing the latest world news will certainly make it easier for everyone to anticipate future world problems.

9. Facilitate International Transactions

To conduct transactions smoothly it is necessary to have good communication between buyers and sellers. The importance of English in the era of globalization is to expedite the transaction process. In addition, also to avoid being scammed.

On the other hand, on a company scale, conducting transactions with other countries also requires English. For this scale, the required English must be formal. In the process, transactions between companies require the signing of an agreement that also contains formal language.

10. Provide a Sense of Security

When on vacation abroad, of course, the language used is the language of that country. For this reason, English can help with all activities while on vacation abroad. If you can’t speak English, it will be difficult to communicate with the local environment.

That was the importance of English in the era of globalization. Therefore, with English, everyone can do a lot of things out there. Thus, it is hoped that everyone can improve their English language skills well.

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