Why History is Important

Why history is important? History is part of the journey of human life. There are many benefits of studying history for life both individually, in groups, and as a nation. Because history is an event in the past but has an impact on the life of the present as well as in the future.

Formally history is studied in schools through history subjects from elementary to middle level. The higher the level, the wider the material provided along with the increase in the ability to absorb more and more information. By studying history, at least an individual will gain the following benefits:

1. Developing an Understanding of the World

The current world order is built on the long history of human life with various events occurring. Each country has experienced different historical events which by studying them will lead to an understanding of how that country’s culture was formed.

This understanding will bring individuals to understand the world in terms of ideology, politics, technology, law, and the social life that is built. Through historical events, an individual will understand the causes of differences from one country to another.

2. Studying Good and Bad Experiences

Historical events will always have two complementary sides without which they would not be a complete event. There will be good and bad sides to the events that have occurred, and that’s from which side he sees it. Because generally, the events that occur involve two opposing groups.

Wisdom and wisdom are needed in assessing an event that has occurred. Thus, individuals will benefit from studying history when they are able to assess the good and bad things from these events.

3. Understanding Identity

A person cannot be separated from the history of himself, his family, and even his nation. The events that occur in the smallest to the largest environment will shape his personality. By knowing this history, one can understand who he is, and how his family and nation are, which is the root of his life today.

4. Be an Inspiration

History always repeats itself, maybe this happened because the inspiration from the events that had previously happened, happened again at a later date. Some of the same problems will be solved in the same way as before even though the results are not necessarily the same.

5. Learn from Mistakes

An event is usually considered historic if it has an impact on the next life. The background of the incident is usually a mistake in making decisions.
It can be said that the benefits of studying history that can be obtained by individuals are not repeating the same mistakes, and making decisions that have a bad impact on their lives.

6. Understanding Current Problems

The present situation is a series of previously made history. By reflecting on past events, one will understand the causes of the current state of affairs.
It is easy to parse the problem at hand when drawing a historical line from a condition. This will make it easier to decide what steps to take next.

7. Being an Informed Individual

Sources of information about an event will be obtained in various ways. Especially now, where access to information can be obtained quickly via the internet. Equipping oneself with a variety of information will enable a person to draw a common thread from the events that occurred.

8. Building a Better Citizenship

A nation is awakened from the struggles that have been carried out by its predecessors who sacrificed body and soul. The struggle to build the nation and state is not finished when independence but continues. For this reason, it is important for every citizen to know the history of his nation in order to fulfill and maintain independence as well as possible.

9. Studying Warning Signs

Another benefit of studying history is that individuals are aware of the signs that cause an event as it has happened before. Thus, this early warning will anticipate the occurrence of unexpected events.

10. Personal Growth and Appreciation

Individually, humans experience the journey of their own lives. The events that occur in his life will make him grow and shape his personality. Experiencing a historical event in his life will make a person appreciate himself and continue to grow to be better.

Human life is never separated from history so that with the benefit of studying history is to know more about himself and the place where he stands. The wheel of life is always turning, so it is necessary to be wise in making decisions so that bad events do not occur as happened in the past.

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