Why is Education Important to Society

Why is education important to society? Humans are born perfect beings because they are equipped with reason and thoughts. Therefore, education plays an important role in regulating human aspects of life. The importance of education for humans can be seen from how wise and its contribution to society.

Education is very important because it can facilitate humans in living life. The existence of education for humans from birth feels real with the formation of culture and an orderly and peaceful world order. There are also 10 other reasons why education is so important for humans, namely:

1. Preparing a Better New Generation

Human nature is a creature that can reproduce. This means creating a future generation and making education a vital aspect. Education becomes important when the new generation must be guided and given the knowledge to live life.

An example is when a parent gives birth to a child, the child must be provided with education and knowledge so that it can be passed down to their children and grandchildren. Likewise the case of students and teachers, where these things are an unavoidable aspect.

2. Seeking Knowledge for Life Provisions

The importance of education for humans is so that humans can seek knowledge that is used for life provisions. Knowledge is a vital aspect to live life in the world. Humans and their culture and world order will not survive without science.

3. Maintaining Social and Cultural Values ​​

The role of education as the maintenance of socio-cultural values ​​is an indication that education is important for mankind. Creating and preserving socio-cultural values ​​is an activity that is carried out for a short duration. It takes years to centuries.

4. Providing Personal

Welfare Individual mental and physical well-being will be formed when the human is concerned with education during his life in the world. The more knowledge gained, the more knowledge and lessons can be learned to become wiser.

5. Preparing Individuals to Interact

The importance of education for humans as social beings has been the essence since humans were born. Humans are created as social beings and when interacting with other humans, knowledge, and experience are needed that are obtained from early education.

Humans as social beings also need education because when interacting with other humans, mind and emotional intelligence are needed. This is because every human being comes from a different background in life.

6. Guiding Humans to Adults

The human mind will continue to develop from age and physical aspects, therefore the importance of education for mankind is as a guide when treading the process from childhood to adulthood. Education is the only provision of knowledge that humans must have while living.

7. Preparing for Experience

Another important role is to prepare for experiences that have not been experienced before. Education plays an important role for humans who have the ability and desire to try new things and adapt to them.

8. Forming a Wiser Social

Being Becoming a wiser human being in any aspect of life is the ultimate goal of the importance of education. Having the wisdom to interact and live life is a sign that education has been successfully absorbed by humans.

It’s not easy to be violent with other people and keep creating peace is proof that education plays an important role. Especially in every aspect of humans as living beings and social beings.

9. Developing Humans to Keep Existing and Growing

The importance of education for humans next is an aspect that guarantees humans continue to exist in the world and grow. The presence of humans in the world has an important role, namely to continue to exist or not become extinct. Education plays a role that it remains guaranteed to this day.

10. Getting to Know Other Humans from Various Life Backgrounds

Education is so important for humans when humans are already able to interact with other humans. Education prepares humans to remain aware and alert when getting to know other humans with different life backgrounds, races, religions, and others.

The conclusion of the 10 reasons why education is important for humans as one of the social creatures living on earth is to gain as much knowledge as possible. This knowledge will later be useful for living life in any aspect, especially social aspects.

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