Why Renewable Energy is Important For The Future

Why renewable energy is important for the future and what are the consequences if there is no Renewable energy? If there is no Renewable energy to replace fuel, can motorcycles use water as fuel? Of course not, motorized vehicles require fuel oil for internal combustion purposes. For more details about the consequences if there is no Renewable energy, see the following description:

What is Renewable Energy

The consequence, if there is no Renewable energy, is that motorized vehicles cannot be used when the limited energy has been used up. Of course, this is a nightmare. Actually, what is Renewable energy? Is the use the same as the energy that is currently used conventionally?

Renewable energy comes from various sources that can be replenished. That is, this energy has an unlimited amount because it can be replenished for use and so on. This energy can be obtained from various sources.

For example, the sun, wind, rivers, tides, biogas, and many others. Now there are many studies in trials of processing and using Renewable energy to replace limited energy sources, such as fuel. Derived from fossil bodies, fuel has a limited amount.

Why Renewable Energy is Important For The Future

Renewable energy also provides other benefits from its use. This is what makes Renewable energy much better than conventional energy today. No wonder there is a lot of curiosity about what the consequences will be if there is no Renewable energy. For that, consider the following benefits:

1. Reducing the Impact of Global Warming

The use of Renewable energy can reduce the impact of global warming. This is due to the minimal combustion process produced by Renewable energy. In addition, various Renewable energies also have environmentally friendly properties so they do not add to the pollution of the surrounding environment.

2. Can be used unlimitedly

Another benefit of Renewable energy is that it can be used unlimitedly. Of course, this is because the quantity and supply are abundant and will never run out. That way, using Renewable energy does not allow for a long crisis to occur, unless a natural disaster occurs.

3. Can Replace Fossil Energy Sources

This is the most important benefit. Because now there are more and more motorbikes in Indonesia, fuel is threatened with running low and will soon run out. Renewable energy is able to replace fuel for motorized vehicles. That way, vehicle users don’t need to run out of gasoline again.

4. Creating New Jobs

Renewable energy still requires gradual processing so that it can be used directly. This process, of course, requires a large number of human resources. Renewable energy can also bring benefits in the form of creating new jobs.

5. Saves Resources

There is no need to wait for conventional fuels to run out before starting to use Renewable energy. Renewable energy, it can actually save other available energy resources.

Effects of Renewable Energy

Apparently, there are so many benefits to using Renewable energy. However, have you ever thought about what would happen if Renewable energy was never found? What are the consequences if there is no Renewable energy? This is the answer:

1. Addiction

Motorized vehicle users, for example, will be very dependent on fossil fuels. This can actually be seen at this time, the sight of long queues at gas stations is quite familiar.

2. Price Surge Occurs

The more users depend on fossil fuels, the greater the supply needed. Demand that is inversely proportional to the availability of goods will lead to price increases. This price hike is also likely to continue to increase.

3. Conflicts Arise in Society

The scarcity of fossil fuels that causes price spikes can of course also affect the prices of other basic commodities. With this condition, of course, there is a high risk of conflict, whether it’s a conflict over fuel or even a conflict over the high prices of basic commodities.

4. Activity Stopped

Expensive prices and scarce fuel will result in the cessation of various human activities. Starting from production, consumption, to distribution activities are threatened to stop and cannot run as before.

5. Human Extinction

With the main human activities halted and difficulties meeting the necessities of life, humans will face a period of extinction. The end result of the absence of Renewable energy is human extinction because it is increasingly difficult to meet the basic needs of life.

Surely no one wants the consequences if there is no Renewable energy, right? Start arming yourself with knowledge of Renewable energy and switch to Renewable energy to minimize the consequences if there is no Renewable energy.

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