Why Technology is Bad

Why technology is bad? The more advanced and the development of technology for the life of the general public, there are various good and bad sides. In addition to the good side that is often felt, there is also a bad side that gradually becomes a boomerang. The negative impact of technology is increasingly real and should be anticipated by the general public.

Various positive impacts are clear without needing to be reviewed one by one. Starting from the ease of all needs, saving costs and time, and much more. However, here are some of the downsides of today’s technological conveniences.

1. Copyright Infringement

The negative impact of technology that is very detrimental is copyright infringement, which is an intellectual right covering science, literature, works of art, and computer programs. Many technology users are still new and do not know that taking work without permission is considered copyright infringement.

There are also activities of piracy of songs, films, printed books, and other similar things. Perpetrators of this violation can be subject to penalties or sanctions.

2. The existence of Cyber ​​Crime

Including crimes involving computers and internet networks and focusing on data leakage. This data leakage can not only be done in their own country but in other countries depending on the perpetrators of the crime.

Criminals have the ability to understand the internet, computers, and various related applications. Some examples of cybercrime that are often heard are phishing and spamming.

3. Spread of Computer Viruses

The initial purpose of this computer virus was to attack, destroy and even repair a program in the Core War or Program War. Over time the development of the virus more and more variants of the virus appear.

Viruses are spread through various media such as the internet and data storage or files that are often used. An example is when downloading from a browser or can be via CD, Flash disk, Hard Disk, and Memory Card.

4. Ease of Accessing Negative Content

Negative content becomes a danger that will unwittingly damage the brain little by little. Internet users, especially teenagers, are vulnerable targets for this business development.

Elements of negative content are sometimes inserted in online games, animated videos, and online sites. Sometimes also in the form of advertisements on websites with pictures that attract children.

5. The existence of Online Illegal Bussiness

The next negative impact of technology is the increasing prevalence of online illegal business. Illegal business activity online does not only target older users but also young people.

Similar to negative content, this illegal business can take the form of online games, advertisements, and websites. gamblers online become addicted.

6. The Rise of Fraud

Almost similar to cybercrime, this one crime misuses someone’s personal data to trick the victim. More and more modes of fraud are carried out. Examples are offering attractive prizes, providing false testimonies, and asking for OTP codes for money-linked apps.

7. Lack of Willingness for Jobs

Technological developments play an important role in facilitating human activities. Therefore, the industry is competing to make various kinds of innovations with this goal.

With so many innovations that exist, business people, both large and small, prefer technology to help run their businesses. This has led to reduced employment opportunities for humans because technology is more practical and has a long term.

8. The emergence of Hoaxes

Fake information or fake news or more commonly known as hoaxes appear and become a negative impact of information technology. The purpose of hoaxes is to make readers feel anxious, hate each other, and emerge from disputes.

Steps that can be taken so as not to be consumed by fake news are choosing news with a clear website, checking facts, and checking the authenticity of photos. And it is not easy to believe news with provocative titles.

9. Lazy Movement Culture

In this era of digitalization, which is increasingly sophisticated and causes people to easily get what they want. The proliferation of online shops, marketplaces, and online makes it easy to meet needs without the need to spend energy.

This causes the emergence of a culture of lazy movement or lack of physical movement in everyday life. This lazy culture of movement becomes a bad habit and becomes an unhealthy lifestyle.

10. Number of Violent Shows

Not only negative content and illegal business, but violence is also increasingly being shown for children or teenagers. Moreover, various online games that are on the rise today are games that display violence.

The violence that is continuously watched will make children and teenagers feel that this is commonplace. There is also another impact, namely less concern for others and someone will become more aggressive.

Technological developments are like two opposite sides of a coin. With the explanation of the negative impact of technology, internet users should be aware to be more careful and remain wise.

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