Why Technology is Good

Why technology is good for humans now? In this modern era, Technological developments are growing rapidly. Many machines that previously were just imagination, are now used in everyday life. The positive impact of technology that is felt is so great, it even affects the modern.

Currently, various kinds of activities can be done with just a smartphone. Starting from taking pictures, turning on music or videos, playing games, to shopping can be done on a smartphone. This is just an example of some of the technologies that have evolved to be multi-functional.

With today’s sophisticated technology, there are several positive impacts that can be digested from these major changes. Basically, the purpose of technological development is centered on providing convenience for humans. Below, are various positive impacts of developing technology:

1. Ease of Access to Certain Services

The development of today’s technology has made it easier for various kinds of access to certain services. For example, services such as education, buying, and selling, and health can already be accessed via smartphones. users’ Smartphones can even do these activities without leaving the house.

2. Facilitating Information Search

In the past, information could only be spread through television, radio, and other print media. Unlike now, technology now allows information to be obtained from the internet. In fact, various print media companies have provided special news applications that can be downloaded on smartphones.

3. Save Time and Space Required

Time and space are indeed a part of many problems in this world. However, with the rapid development of technology, at least the use of time and space can be saved. For example, readers can find the quickest route to save time or furniture with a space-saving design.

4. Becoming a Land for Income

With the internet, people can look for work or income online. Indirectly, technology creates new jobs for humans. Especially during the pandemic, several companies have started implementing work at home, where employees can work from home online.

5. Becoming an Alternative Entertainment Means

Apart from facilitating activities, technology also has an impact on entertainment. Interesting entertainment is not always out there. Workers who do not have much time for recreation can seek entertainment through technology. For example, by playing games, or watching YouTube on a smartphone.

In addition to the positive impact of the rapid development of technology, the presence of technology also has a positive impact on humans. No wonder now, humans cannot live without technology. Let’s see what kind of positive impact technology has on human life in terms of fields.

6. Impact on Health Sector

Health is the most important aspect for humans. Therefore, technology makes medical treatments more sophisticated and helps to heal in humans. Technologies such as CT scans, MRI scans, and radiation therapy can provide hope for healing serious illnesses.

7. Impact on Education Sector

There has been a major change in the positive impact of technology on students. Now, education is easily accessible and doesn’t always have to be taught face-to-face. Some smartphone applications can also provide lessons in the form of courses, to educate children from an early age.

8. Impact on Economic Sector

Indirectly, technology has a positive impact on the economy. Technology with low prices and low electricity consumption is increasingly being developed for people. Not only in terms of the individual economy, technology also indirectly has a positive impact on the country’s economy.

9. Impact on Transportation and Shipping

With the advancement of technology, transportation, and delivery are no longer a problem. Export-import activities can be carried out in bulk, and cross-country transportation can use planes. In addition, delivery services are also more easily accessible with smartphones.

10. Impacts on the Natural Sector

Although human development has blatantly damaged nature, nowadays, environmentally friendly technologies continue to be developed. Many countries have chosen to use air or nuclear power plants instead of fuel.

11. Impact on the Entertainment Sector

Currently, there are many entertainment services in the form of online streaming that can be accessed from various platforms. Entertainment provided is not only paid, but some are free. films box office.

Those are the kinds of positive impacts of technology that can be felt in human life. It is undeniable that initially, technology was still just wishful thinking, but now it continues to grow and can become a hope for the future.

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