Why We Should Learn English

Why we should learn English? Developments in the era of globalization have had a considerable effect on various aspects, one of which is the use of English. The existence of globalization has an impact on the importance of English for the future. Of course, there are several things behind it.

Signs of the rise of English can be seen in several phenomena, such as the proliferation of foreign companies and free trade. The two events above must be balanced by the use of English. Here are the reasons for the importance of English in the future.

1. Career Support Tools

The first reason for the importance of English for the future is to get a job. The difficulty of finding a job today can be offset by qualified English skills. Opportunities to get a job to become open.

2. Tourism Needs

Tourism is the next reason related to English in the future. When traveling abroad, definitely use English as a means of communication. Local people will be easier to connect with this international language.

3. Compulsory Prerequisites for Higher Education

English has a relationship with higher education. The easiest example is a scholarship abroad. One of the mandatory requirements for the scholarship is TOEFL and IELTS certification as a standardization of English language skills.

4. The Language of International Unity

The international community with different backgrounds uses English as the language of instruction to communicate. Although in different countries, English is the best solution for chatting. That is why this language is dubbed as an international language.

5. As a Self Value Enhancer

Value in yourself is a crucial point regarding the English language. The importance of English for your future is a valuable investment. People will be more appreciated by the international world when they have this one language proficiency skill.

6. Used by Superpowers

China and the United States are the superpowers of the 21st century. Being a leader in trade and innovation in business and the world economy does not make them comfortable with their native language. They still use English as the main guide in doing international business.

7. Mandatory Language in International Business

In addition to being the language of international unity, English is also the medium of instruction in international business. In the world of business and business, English is always used as a mandatory language. A prime example is communication with international business associates or colleagues using English as the medium of instruction.

Coupled with the many Multinational Corporations or MNCs that require English as the language of instruction in the business agenda. These MNCs include Unilever, Nestle, Shopee, P&G, and so on. Of course, it is important for people to learn English.

8. English as a Scientific Language

In the world of education and research, English is very important. Many scientific literatures and international research journals use English as the language of instruction. The role of English is quite important here, which can help in translating the contents of journals or scientific references that will be used as references.

9. Used by Various Entertainment World

Hollywood is not something foreign to many people. The film industry in the United States always provides an interesting spectacle for many people. It is certain in the dialogue using English as the main language. When you have mastered English, you don’t need to rely on subtitles anymore and you can understand them easily.

10. The Main Introductory Language in Technology

The final reason for the importance of English for the future has to do with the use of technology. Almost all the latest gadgets and technology use English as an introduction. English can help in understanding how to use existing gadgets and technology.

The dominance of western products is the main factor that English is the language of instruction in technology. Call it Apple, Microsoft, and Linux, launched their products with English manuals. In fact, Chinese with Mandarin continue to launch their smartphone products with English manuals.

Those are some of the reasons for the importance of English for the future needs to be listened to. All of the reasons above will have a significant impact on society. The importance of English must be accompanied by awareness to learn the language so as not to be eroded by the times.

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